Would you care for a mug of brownie? by Jogailė Čojūtė

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Since this whole Christmas theme came around, I want you to spend it happily and beautifully. And this recipe, is perfect as a treat for Christmas for your friends and family, or even yourself! So, would you like to join me and make this deliciousness together?
Making the brownie in a mug is absolutely a piece of cake – it takes me 10 minutes MAXIMUM to make it with the ingredients that are always at home! So I’ll stop blabbing and let’s jump right into it…
Note: -Everything, that’s listed is supposed to go right into the mug.

-Tbsp means tablespoon.
-It’s even more fun to make it with some Christmas songs!  😉

2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp coffee
¼ tbsp of vanilla sugar
2 tbsp of cocoa
2 tbsp of sugar
4 tbsp of flour
3 tbsp of milk or with the amount of your desire 😉
Brownies are whisky business…
Microwave for 1-2 minutes and top with ice cream if desired!
Be careful, the mug might be hot while you’re taking it out!

So that’s it for this recipe I learnt from you tube that is sooooo soooo easy, fun and delicious! Doing it for the first time might get a bit silly, but if you’re doing it for the second, third or HUNDREDTH time you will get the recipe quickly in your head. Hope you liked it and share with us some of your fun recipes!!!
P.S. brownies are awesome for watching movies for example “Home alone” which is on Saturday!!!!


2 thoughts on “Would you care for a mug of brownie? by Jogailė Čojūtė

  1. Thanks Jogaile for remindig those sweet cosy evenings when sitting home , watching “Home alone” and having no troubles , no homework but plenty of delicious food to eat????????????????????????????????????????????????



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