2nd Part of Series: Gambling, betting, money, and your own security. By Mariusbotx

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Warning!There’s sarcasm involved in this post, don’t take everything too seriously.

Confession time. I waste money on gambling. It’s not that bad, as I view it as form of entertainment.It’s addicting though. But I don’t really care.If I will end up in the streets someday, say hi to me,if you’re passing by. Moral of the story? Don’t do drugs, or something like that. Online-Gambling

Gambling, betting

There are 2 types of gambling – in real life and online. First, in real life, we have casinos, where you can find slot machines, roulette, card games(poker, blackjack, etc.)

Online gambling is just a virtual form of real life gambling, you can find casinos, arcades. E-sports is a thing, people form teams and battle each other in competitive games. You can place bets on teams and win/lose money. Since I only do online gambling, these are examples of how it looks:


Let’s talk about money. Some crazy people, including me, bet large sums of money, for example
100 – 1000 €. Don’t do that, unless you want to.Some people just chill and bet 50 cents.
Beware, gamble and bet responsibly,you can easily lose your money in 1 second. There are 3 stages:

1st stage – Things are going alright, I’m doing it for entertainment.
2nd stage – Recently lost some money, I need to recover.
3rd stage (rage betting) – Betting last 30 € I’ve got to recover.
This is what happened to me:


Never ,,rage bet” You stop thinking, you’re in a rush, trying to recover money you’ve lost.
To bet you need clear mind, because a lot of thinking goes into betting. Go outside, get some fresh air and then start again.


Your security is important, use different passwords. Beware of scams, don’t click on suspicious links.I’ve got hijacked ( to put it simply, my online gambling account was stolen), that day was really rough… Some online betting sites are rigged (for example, they let you win some money, then take it all back, plus your own money) as well as some real life casinos.

4 thoughts on “2nd Part of Series: Gambling, betting, money, and your own security. By Mariusbotx

    • If you say so. Average child living in middle class, upper middle class has no interest in money, because money they get for lunch, cinema and starbucks are enough. Guess you’re right.


  1. Lets see it all as another way to play , but don’t take it too seriously. Gambling is definitely an addiction and one of the most dangerous , if you go too far you may never find satisfaction in everyday life????



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