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Valentine‘s day, also known as „ The day of love“. It‘s celebrated 14th of February.

Valentine was a priest, who made a lot of illegal marriages. When Roman Emperor Claudius II learned of the priest’s activities, Valentine was arrested and killed on 14 of February. After some time, Valentine was declared a saint.

At these times, the feast is celebrated around the world. People admit love, give flowers, candies, toys and postcards. Some companies are organizing special „Love trips“.
How is this feast celebrated by teenagers??? In America on this occasion parties are organized, schools elect the  king and queen of the event.

What do we do in our school??? Well, first of all, it is a new holiday, untraditional to us, so it isn‘t acceptable for everybody.

We have a „Love post“ for sending postcards or letters to each other. Actually, I haven‘t seen the student of my class, who got the postcard with a declaration of love ( yet! And not written by themselves 🙄
So, We also have parties ( of our choice), and glue heart- shaped stickers on our faces.

To me it isn‘t a very important festival. People need to be loved every day. Really, I think, people must show their feellings frequently, not only on such days. But If you are a real blockhead and haven‘t got the time during the year to say for your loved  one, how dear he/she is for you – St. Valintine‘s Day is a deadline.

What do you think about this special day???

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