Fun little Jokes:) author: Matas Dovydėnas

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Star Wars:
Darth Vader: Luke, use the force .
Luke: No! Never!
Darth Vader : Then what about….
Luke: No!
Darth Vader : Or let’s go for a walk?
Luke: NO! >:(
Darth Vader : Why?
Luke: Because you are ug….
Darth Vader : Ugly? Yah I hear that many times.
Luke: ……….
Darth Vader : …………..
Luke: Yay daddy!

A normal day at school:
Someone in the class: Hey you, catch!
*Throws something*
Jake: What?
*Something falls down*
Someone: Are you alright?
Jake: Yah, but this vase, is not.
Someone: How does the vase look like?
Jake: Good, as it is made from plastic.
Someone: Why it is plastic?
Jake: Because we are “LEGOS”

At the University:
Teacher: Who can tell me how much is 9²·15³:8·A?
John: 0,000,000,00,000,000,000,000,254³
Teacher: Very good, John! You get +10 pluses.
*John looks sad*
Teacher: 15 pluses?
*Looks John at the teacher and slowly shakes head*
Teacher: 5 pluses?
John: You just reduced.
Teacher: OK, OK 0 pluses and ten 10.
John: That’s what I like more!

At the school:
Teacher: how much is 2·5?
Student: 10!
Teacher: WRONG!
Student: OK, I am stupid.
*Teacher smiles*
James: 10!
*Teacher slaps his face*
(No offense for teachers)

Gamers :
Gamers: We are the best MLG gamers 360 no cope blazing
AFK farm u Srublord!
Smart people:
Smart people: Turns 54° and go up 14 m, and then 3326mm up more.
Then turn exactly 785° and do a back flip.
Normal people :
Normal people: Shoot without zooming, do it with AWP.

Question to the readers of the comments.
What was in the #UNREADABLE?
Winners will be announced in the next article.
Good luck !

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  1. It’s really funny ???? I like the joke with canceled test 🙂 But there is 1 mistake. Not #Unreadble it could be #Unreadable…



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