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“Bones” is a TV series about FBI agent Seeley Booth and bones researcher Temperance ,,Bones“ Brennan. Booth and Bones work together and also help their friends: Jack Hodgins, Angela Montenegro, and Zack Addy.“Bones’ team” finds lot of bones and investigates them. They research homicide and find different specialists to help them.

Here’s something about “team”:
• Temperance “Bones” Brennan is very talented researcher. Doctor Brennan can identify sex, weight or age from skull or finger. I can’t understand how she is doing that!

• Seeley Booth is FBI agent and always works with Bones Brennan. Agent Booth has a very nice ties!

• Jack Hodgins investigates a lot of ugly things. For example: mucus, insects and more.

• Angela Montenegro works with computer and draws dead people’s faces. There is a device called ,,Angelator“ in ,,Bones team’s“ lab. It can restore broken bones into a 3D model.

• Zack Addy is Temperance’s assistant and her apprentice. He is a teenager.

• Lance Sweets is a Booth assistant. Sweets is also depicted as a skilled piano player.

♦ Camille Saroyan previously worked as the youngest coroner in New York city. ♣Performing autopsies in difficult and sometimes unsanitary conditions she admits to Booth that she took the job at the Jeffersonian because of the facilities. ◘ Later she becomes the boss.

All the characters work very hard, but they can do their job and enjoy it! I like this series because it’s very funny, interesting and fantastic. Do you like TV series ”Bones”?

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