LEU. Environmental Issues by Gytė Batūraitė

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Currently world population has reached 7 billion people. Even though there are a lot of people living on Earth, not everybody knows that on April 22 it is going to be Earth Day. Earth Day is an annual event on which a lot of events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. There are a lot of environmental problems
around us, even though we do not always see it around us. Probably the worst environment problems are pollution
and global warming.

One of the worst environmental issues in Lithuania is air and water pollution. The increasing air pollution in  Lithuanian cities during the last years had an impact on health of people and mortality. The main air pollution sources are automobiles and factories. However, there is nothing much to change about it – people can not just stop using cars or close all the factories.

Another environmental issue is water pollution. Water pollution is one of Lithuania’s most serious problems.
Lithuanian surface waters are slightly polluted with heavy metals, oil products and phenol. There a few ways to
reduce the water pollution, such as to never throw garbage, chemicals, or paints into the water, also for the
government to buy water cleaning equipment.

Another really important issue disturbing our life is global warming. There a lot of possible causes of global warming, such as deforestation, pollution, wildfires, and many more. However, even though it does not seem like a thing that we could see at the momemnt, but it is evident to see as the time passes. Melting of the ice caps, rising sea level, lakes warming rapidly, animals changing migration patterns, plants changing the dates of activity, and many other things are concidered to be the effects of global warming.

Environmental problems may not seem like a huge thing for us now, but what will happen to the Earth in the future, if none of us will care or do anything about it? Who knows. A few things we can do save our planet, or at least not to worsen the current situation, are to reduce the pollution, stop wasting electricity, water, and gas, and to encourage others to do the same.  All in all, the first step to change the world is to change our daily life habits.

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