Veronika Poškutė presents her super cool family:)

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Hi everyone, my name is Veronika. This time I will write about my family. I start from my. So I’m 11 years old. My eyes are brown, like hair. I am not very tall, but I’m not very small too. I like painting, drawing, because my mum is an artist, but now I am writing about me.

In this school my best friend is Junda. She has glasses, her hair is long and fair. She is very friendly, fun and good. 

Here I am.

Yes, I like that hat a lot.

I have brother Jeronimas. He is 8 years old. His eyes are brown, green and grey too. His hair is dark yellow. He doesn‘t have glasses. My brother‘s favorite colour is blue. He like animals too.

My mum‘s name is Aiste. She’s 38 years old. She has short fair hair. Her eyes are grey. She is an artist, her pictures are very nice, really. Here she is in her wedding dress.

 These are 2 of her pictures

My dad is Vidas. He is 39 years. His hair is brown like his eyes. He loves art too. He draws and paints very well.

Here he is

 and here is his picture .

My dad wrote a book. The book is called ,,Vilnius hasn’t disappeared“.

 So that is my family.

Dad Vidas

Mum Aiste

 Me Veronika and my grandmother.

 And of course my little brother Jeronimas

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