Halloween costumes by Neda and Ugnė 6C

What to wear for Halloween?

Hello everyone, do you know what are you gonna wear this Halloween? If you don’t know this post is just for you! One of the ways is just put on some makeup, to wear something that you think is good and done! You have a costume which you can make really easily! Here some photos:

    Harley Quinn and Joker costumes

Snapchat filters Halloween costumes

Golden butterflies:

First you have to put some make up for example yellow or orange eye shadows and some powder. then you have to buy some golden butterflies (you can find it on Amazon) and put them in your hair.

Doggy costume

You have to draw on your face dog nose.Then you have to buy dog ear hoop and put it on your head.

If you want something more than Halloween costume you can buy oniese. You can wear it like Halloween costume like Nedagona do, but after Halloween you can sleep with it.

So what are you gonna wear  this Halloween? 😉 

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