Reading Circles: How to write a summary. Daniel Defoe “Robinson Crusoe”

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Summary – Chapter 1: “Robinson’s first sea journey”

Robinson was born in 1632 in England. His father was German, but he came to live in England. After that Robinson’s father married his mother. Her family name was Robinson so they called their son Robinson.

His father was doing well in life and Robinson went to a good school. He wanted Robinson to have a quiet and good life. But Robinson didn’t want that, he wanted to have an exciting life.

Robinson wanted to be a sailor, but his parents weren’t happy about this. They said that sailing was hard and dangerous. And because Robinson loves them, he tried to forget about the sea.

But he couldn’t forget so he met a friend in town whose father had a ship. His friend asked if Robinson wanted to sail to London. And so the next day they sailed to London.

Robinson was very ill and the sea was rough, but the next day the wind dropped and the sea was quiet.

After arriving at London, he stayed there for some time, but he still wanted more adventure. So when the captain of a ship asked him to go to Africa with him, Robinson agreed.

Everything was well until a pirate ship attacked them. After a long fight they became prisoners. The pirates wanted to sell them as slaves, but the captain wanted to keep Robinson with him. And Robinson became a slave and the pirate’s captain was his master.

By Gustas Tolvaišas

Summary – Chapter 2: “Down the coast of Africa”

For two years Robinson lived the life of slave. He was working but he wanted to escape from the captain of the Turkish pirates.Robinson’s master liked to go fishing by boat and always took Robinson, a man called Moely and a young boy Xury with him.One day the master commanded Robinson, Moely and Xury to catch some fish and Crusoe knew that it was a great chance to escape.When they were in the boat, Robinson knocked Moely into the water and shouted to him to go to the shore.Robinson and the boy wanted to go to the Canary Islands but they were afraid to go too far from the shore so they sailed down the coast of Africa.One day they saw some strange people on the shore and asked them for some food and water. The people gave them what they wanted and Crusoe shot a leopard for them. Friends sailed again. Suddenly, Xury saw a ship and they started to shout and shoot with their guns and finally they both were on the ship which belonged to the Portuguese captain. He said that he was going to Brazil and Crusoe could go with him.In Brazil Robinson said goodbye to the captain and Xury and went to begin a new life.

By Miglė Kndrotaitė

Summary – Chapter 3: “The Storm and the Shipwreck”

He stayed in Brazil for and worked really hard. He got rich and his life was going well. One day his friends came up to him and invited to go to the sea again. Robinson had a comfortable life but he still agreed.
In 1659 he went to the sea again. They were swimming and everything was nice, but later the water was really rough. Their ship crashed and Robinson was the only one alive. Alive but in a very dangerous island. He didn’t have food and other supplies. Then he decided to sleep. He went up a tree and slept there. It was safer in the tree.
By Lėja Tubinytė

Summary – Chapter 4: “A new life on an island”

When the day has come, the sea was quiet. Robinson looked for a ship and he saw it. He decided to swim to it. When he was on the ship he didn‘t know how to get on it. Then he saw a hole and he climbed through it. There were a lot of useful things on board: food and tools. Robinson was hungry, so he started to eat. Later he decided to take some of the tools and made a little boat, then he took some of the goods and came back to the shore. Robinson decided to make a house for himself on one of the hills. He felt unhappy because he knew that he was alone on the island. After a lot of hard work Robinson had a very fine tent. The back end of the tent was a good place to keep his food, so he decided to call it a kitchen. That night he slept in his new home. The next day Robinson thought about dangers, so he decided to build a very strong fence. After work his fence was strong as a stone wall. When he finished all the chores he saw that he needed more tools, so he swam back and forth to the ship twelve more times. But after his twelfth time there was a terrible storm and he could not see the ship. Robinson thought that he was lucky, because he was alive and his friends were dead. Also he said to himself that he was going to be on this island for a long time. So he cut these words on a long piece of wood: I CAME HERE ON 30TH SEPTEMBER 1659. After that he decided to make a cut for each day.

By Ugnė Urbonaitė

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