Does freedom exist? By Kotryna Liutkutė

Does freedom exist…

„When I discover who I am, I‘ll be free‘‘ – Ralph Ellison.

Freedom is usually characterized as “feeling to lack restrictions”. Everyone wants to think and move freely, behave as they wish. But does freedom actually exist?

There are several online discussions related to this question. Majority of people in this matter chose the answer “no”, stating that everything in the world is limited, restrained, confined and dependent on something else, while others state, that freedom exists in our minds and that‘s all what we need.

However, there was no answer, which seemed the fairest or at least the most reasonable to me.

There was only one argument, which caught my eye. The author of the message wrote that freedom is a variable of being completely on your own. It doesn‘t mean you can do whatever you desire, but rather you can try what you want to do, and only you can decide whether to follow the rules or not.

So, does the freedom exist? Hardly everyone of us will have the same opinion. It‘s a pretty abstract concept. Hopefully, all of us have the right to choose our truth and it only depends on you which truth will be yours.

Tanks – part 2. By Justas & Edgaras 6D

In interwar period Lithuania bought 18 Vickers M1933.These tanks were English.
Half of them were armored with 7.92mm
machine-guns others with 37mm

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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