My Trip to Germany. By Saulė Šaduikytė 5A

My spring break was very nice! We traveled to Germany with some class friends and our class teacher Simona. The travel went like this: early in the morning (about 5 o‘clock) our bus moved to Poland. We drove all day, and had to spend the night in Poland. The next morning we arrived to Germany, and at about noon we were in Dresden. Dresden is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. It is also called the Florence of the Elbe. We walked to Brühl’s terrace, from which we were able to enjoy the view of the amazing river Elbe. We visited places where famous German dukes and composers lived. We enjoyed the tour of the Baroque masterpiece – Cvingers palace as well. We discovered an interesting thing in the old town, on one of the pavilion walls there was the coat of arms of Lithuania – Vytis, amazing, right? 🙄
In the evening we arrived to the “Tropicana Island”. This “tropical” park has a very mild climate and we even saw real palm trees growing around. 😉 We swam in the warm sea and took a walk in the tropical forest.
On the third day we went to Berlin. In the capital we visited all the best places: Alexander’s Square, television tower, the Brandenburg Gate and the Parliament House. After this we moved back to the Lithuania. I loved the trip very much 😀

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