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This Easter was very special to me because I found a new way how to color or decorate my eggs. It wasn’t easy but believe me it was worth doing!

So I want to introduce you this special recipe.

You will need:

Eggs, Silk and cotton cloth, Cotton thread (recommended), Vinegar, Salt, Pot. Let’s do it!!!

1) Take some silk and a wet cloth and tightly wrap the room temperature egg in it. Then you need to take a cotton thread and wrap it on the egg thicker than the egg is wrapped with silk. Because silk almost does not extend!

2) Such dressed egg screwed into another cotton cloth and then tie the ends of cotton cloth (recommendation).

3) Put the eggs into the pot and let the water to cover. Then you need to add 4-6 vinegar and 1-2 of salt for 1l of water.

4) Boil the eggs for 10-15 minutes.

5) Turn of the heat and leave Easter eggs at the pot to cool.

6) And the last and the most important! Put the decorated eggs into the grass or other spring elements and admire it! :).

If somebody asks you how you’ve done this, it’ll be your special secret :)!

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