Tropical Islands. By Medeina 5A

A Tropical sea, sandy beach and palm trees just 60km. from Germany capital Berlin. 1035km or 11 hours by car from Vilnius, Lithuania. Tropical Islands is one of the most famous and best known water parks in Germany and Europe.

In Tropical Islands you can swim, dive or just relax in the worlds largest indoor rain forest or come down on Germany’s highest water slide town. This is not only a water park, but you can find a hotel, sports club, amazing and great place to relax.

No problem if you get hungry there are six restaurants, five bars, some sweets shops and one food market.

The size of the park is about 10000m2 and the outdoor size of the park is about 35000m2.

I was there and I really enjoyed it. I hope one day I come back in this place. If you go to Germany I really recommend to visit Tropical Islands place! 🙄

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