Reading Circles. How to write a summary. Daniel Defoe “Robinson Crusoe”

Summary – Chapter 1 “Robinson’s first sea journey”

Robinson was born in 1632 in England. His father was German, but he came to live in England. After that Robinson’s father married his mother. Her family name was Robinson so they called their son Robinson.

His father was doing well in life and Robinson went to a good school. He wanted Robinson to have a quiet and good life. But Robinson didn’t want that, he wanted to have an exciting life.

Robinson wanted to be a sailor, but his parents weren’t happy about this. They said that sailing was hard and dangerous. And because Robinson loves them, he tried to forget about the sea.

But he couldn’t forget so he met a friend in town whose father had a ship. His friend asked if Robinson wanted to sail to London. And so the next day they sailed to London.

Robinson was very ill and the sea was rough, but the next day the wind dropped and the sea was quiet.

After arriving at London, he stayed there for some time, but he still wanted more adventure. So when the captain of a ship asked him to go to Africa with him, Robinson agreed.

Everything was well until a pirate ship attacked them. After a long fight they became prisoners. The pirates wanted to sell them as slaves, but the captain wanted to keep Robinson with him. And Robinson became a slave and the pirate’s captain was his master.

By Gustas Tolvaišas

Summary – Chapter 2 “Down the coast of Africa”

For two years Robinson lived the life of slave. He was working but he wanted to escape from the captain of the Turkish pirates.Robinson’s master liked to go fishing by boat and always took Robinson, a man called Moely and a young boy Xury with him.One day the master commanded Robinson, Moely and Xury to catch some fish and Crusoe knew that it was a great chance to escape.When they were in the boat, Robinson knocked Moely into the water and shouted to him to go to the shore.Robinson and the boy wanted to go to the Canary Islands but they were afraid to go too far from the shore so they sailed down the coast of Africa.One day they saw some strange people on the shore and asked them for some food and water. The people gave them what they wanted and Crusoe shot a leopard for them. Friends sailed again. Suddenly, Xury saw a ship and they started to shout and shoot with their guns and finally they both were on the ship which belonged to the Portuguese captain. He said that he was going to Brazil and Crusoe could go with him.In Brazil Robinson said goodbye to the captain and Xury and went to begin a new life.

By Miglė Kndrotaitė

Summary – Chapter 3 “The Storm and the Shipwreck”

He stayed in Brazil for and worked really hard. He got rich and his life was going well. One day his friends came up to him and invited to go to the sea again. Robinson had a comfortable life but he still agreed.
In 1659 he went to the sea again. They were swimming and everything was nice, but later the water was really rough. Their ship crashed and Robinson was the only one alive. Alive but in a very dangerous island. He didn’t have food and other supplies. Then he decided to sleep. He went up a tree and slept there. It was safer in the tree.
By Lėja Tubinytė

Summary – Chapter 4 “A new life on an island”

When the day has come, the sea was quiet. Robinson looked for a ship and he saw it. He decided to swim to it. When he was on the ship he didn‘t know how to get on it. Then he saw a hole and he climbed through it. There were a lot of useful things on board: food and tools. Robinson was hungry, so he started to eat. Later he decided to take some of the tools and made a little boat, then he took some of the goods and came back to the shore. Robinson decided to make a house for himself on one of the hills. He felt unhappy because he knew that he was alone on the island. After a lot of hard work Robinson had a very fine tent. The back end of the tent was a good place to keep his food, so he decided to call it a kitchen. That night he slept in his new home. The next day Robinson thought about dangers, so he decided to build a very strong fence. After work his fence was strong as a stone wall. When he finished all the chores he saw that he needed more tools, so he swam back and forth to the ship twelve more times. But after his twelfth time there was a terrible storm and he could not see the ship. Robinson thought that he was lucky, because he was alive and his friends were dead. Also he said to himself that he was going to be on this island for a long time. So he cut these words on a long piece of wood: I CAME HERE ON 30TH SEPTEMBER 1659. After that he decided to make a cut for each day.

By Ugnė Urbonaitė

Summary – Chapter 5 “Learning to Live Alone”

First of all, he wanted to make his cave bigger so he carried out stone from the cave and made it. Then he needed a table, a chair and a place to keep his food, guns and tools there. He couldn’t do anything at night because he had no light, but then he learned how to do it. After ten months he visited other parts of the island. Then he began to dry food in the sun and he found a greener, nicer place to live. Also he saw that his house was on the worst part of the island. Then he learned to make pots to keep his food there, and it was a hard work. He began to cook bread. After six months, he had a very small field of corn. Then he decided to go to the other islands nearby, so he made a boat, but it was too heavy. After two years he made another boat but it was too small. So after two more years he got to the other island and built his second house there. Then, he made some clothes, he found some goats on the island and kept them in a field with fences.

By Šarūnas Gineitas

Summary – Chapter 5 “A footprint”

One day Robinson saw a footprint – the footprint of a man. Robinson was afraid. He thought that this man is one of those wild man who killed and ate other men. Robinson looked everywhere, but there was nobody. That night he couldn’t sleep. The next day Robinson got all his guns ready and he put more wood and young trees around his house. Nobody could see Robinson now. For two years Robinson was afraid. He stayed near his houseand never used guns. Later he built the third house. It was a very secret place. One day later Robinson saw heads, arms, feet and other body parts of men everywhere. Robinson came home. For many months he watched carefully for the smoke, but he didn’t see anything. Then one morning in his twenty-third year on the island, Robinson saw a smoke from a fire. There were nine men around the fire, and they were cooking their terrible food – humans. Then these wild men danced round the fire, singing and shouting. After two hours the men got onto their boats.

By Donata Jackevičiūtė

Summary – Chapter 7 “Man Friday”

For two years Robinson never went anywhere without his gun. He was afraid. One night he heard sound of a gun in the sea, so he sailed there with his little boat.

He found some clothes, tools and a box of Spanish gold and silver money. He was rich but he couldn’t do anything with his money, he needed friend not money.

Robinson really wanted to escape from the island so he decided to took prisoner of wild men. Once the prisoner of the wild men turned and ran. Robinson had to kill two wild men to safe prisoner. He took men to his secret cave, gave him food, clothes.

Robinson decided to name him Friday because he first saw him on Friday. Robinson began to teach him to speak English, he was quick learner so he fast learned a lot of things.

One time they were on top of the highest hill and they saw the island where Friday used to live. So Robinson and Friday started thinking about escaping island.

They worked hard and after month the boat was finished. They were ready for long journey.

By Patricija Dilytė

Summary – Chapter 8 Escape from the island

Robinson was on his twenty-seventh year on the island. He and Friday worked hard for food. One evening Friday went out to look for a turtle meat and eggs. He was back after an hour and he was very afraid. He said, that there was a ship, and some men were coming to the shore in a boat. Robinson and Friday ran down to the shore. And they saw an English ship. They hid in the trees. There were eleven men in the boat, but three of them were prisoners. They couldn’t walk, and they sat down under the trees. Quietly, Robinson talked with them. First of all, they were surprised, and Robinson thought, that they were surprised because of his look. But one of the prisoners told, that he was the captain of that ship and another two prisoners was his officers. There was a mutiny and captain and his officers became prisoners. Robinson said, that he would help, if captain would help him get home. Captain agreed. He told, that these men have two guns on a boat. So they made a plan. The seamen were not ready for fight, so that was easy. There was a guy named Tom Smith. All were afraid of him, so some of the men agreed to help Robinson and the others. Then came another boat. All men in that boat had guns, and Robinson with the others waited in the trees. The dark helped to fight, but it was hard anyway. One officer shouted, that the captain had fifty island people to help him. So seamen stopped fighting and gave guns. Three of them agreed to help. Captain and his men went to the ship for a fight. All night there were sound of guns, but the next morning captain was master of a ship again. Finally they got into the ship and left mutineers on the island. Robinson said goodbye to his island and they sailed back to England.

By Orinta Jankūnaitė

Summary – Chapter 9 Home in England

When Robinson came back to England, he felt like a stranger. Everything was different. He went home to York, but his parents and two brothers were dead. He found two nephews living with one of his brothers. They were happy to learn that he was alive.

After a month he went back to Lisbon. Crusoe had friends there, who could help him sell his land in Brazil. Friday came with him. He met with the captain, who helped with Robinson’s business. They were crossing between mountains of France and Spain in winter. It was a long trip.It was a long voyage. Friday was afraid of snow. He saw it for the first time.

In England Crusoe found a house and began living a quiet live together with his family. After a while Robinson got married and had three children, one daughter and two sons. Then his wife died. One of his nephews became a captain of a ship, so he asked Robinson if he wanted to have some adventures together. Robinson agreed and in 1694 he went into sea again and had many more adventures.

By Edgaras Montvila

The book for reading:

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Book Review – Between Shades of Gray By Ruta Sepetys. Written By LEU student Evelina Bankauskaitė

Between Shades of Gray

By Ruta Sepetys

Between Shades of Gray is the debut novel of American writer Ruta Sepetys. This novel is based upon the truth stories of survivors of The Genocide of Baltic people, during the Stalinist repressions of twentieth century.

The story is told by the first-person narrator. The major character and the narrator of this novel is a teenage girl Lina. The choice of the narrator makes the story even more vivid. Lina is only fifteen years old, but she is a strong young woman. She is a beginner artist with high expectations. Lina is a true rebel, who refuses to learn Russian language, even though she is forced to. Lina draws her experiences. The drawings include her friends and enemies, disasters and little joys. Her aim is to let the World know about the horrors of the Soviet Union. Throughout the story Lina never loses hope of coming back to Lithuania. She refuses to give up fighting for her and her family’s life.

Lina tells the story of her own family. She and her family are the victims of deportation. They experience terrible things: arrest, separation, long and horrible journey to a labor-camp in freezing Siberia. Lina narrates her story in a great detail. She talks about the first place of deportation in Altai, forced labour in the collective farm, life at the local people’s homes and the transfer to the island of Laptev sea, near the polar circle. The book provides comprehensive knowledge of exile: anti-sanitarian conditions, famine, food change and sharing, the death of children, nourishing mothers and other people, cartilage throwing from wagons at short stops, cruel soldiers’ behavior with the exiles, relationships between the exiles themselves, their relationship with the local population.

Even in the darkness of the polar night, between the gray clouds, the ray of hope is shining – to return, to meet again … Between the Gray Clouds is an enchanting story that takes your breath away and enslaves the heart, revealing the wonderful nature of the human spirit.

All in all, I would definitely recommend to read this book, especially for the young adults and teenagers. This is a truly earthshaking, powerful and important story about the tragic history of our nation, about the constant fear of the unknown, about thinking what a human life is worth? I promise you, once you take this book, you would not be able to put it aside. I am sure that the story about Lina’s family will deeply touch your heart.

Reading 4 Summer. Book by George Orwell

One of the best books ever, read it yourselves and let us know what you think 😉

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Young&Talented Writers’ Club Presents Martynas Jakucevičius and his Novel/Sneak Peak

Recently I started writing fiction. It might not be perfect or something special but to me it is a milestone. The point when you decide to write and you actually are writing is a huge step in my opinion. Here is a ‘sneak peak’ of my work:

In the year of 1374 on the darkest day of the year. A day of stark and ominous nature. Full of horrors and morbid creatures of the unnatural. A full, white moon was reflecting the false light unto the lands of an isle in the Baltic sea. The island was large in size. Old, ruined, lifeless castles, towers and villages loom the land. Countless ages have past until man refound the isle. And so, on this night a group of German knights lead by Lord Toten Wulfenburg, an exiled noble of the Holy Roman Empire who was excommunicated for sodomy and hedonism. While in truth, his ambitions got the better of him and during a failed coup he ran away with a group of loyal knights and followers. Wulfenburg was large and burly – bull of a man with long blonde hair, striking sky-blue tired eyes and a dishevelled beard. The exile was hard on him. Few injuries here and there, a walking stick reflects the injuries of a leg. His appearance has definitely seen better days. Tattered ta bard and cloak, dented and dirty armor. His sheath hides the chipped, blunt sword and blood-stained blade. His followers and companions fared a lot worse. One of the knights got his hand severed. A makeshift bandage hides the ugly stump. The other got blinded by a man-at-arms in a small skirmish with a royal patrol – the emperor`s men. Most of them bore minimal injuries. While a common soldier might have abandoned their feudal during such dark and hard times, but these men are loyal men – knights, squires and servants and even some of the ladies. Exiled as they may be they still follow their doomed lord. Lord of the homeless, the exiled, the forgotten, the forsaken, the pariah. During a huge raid of a small port city on the coast of a Baltic sea the exiles managed to commandeer two small merchant ships and a huge supply of food, cloth, general goods and precious metals. They took to the sea. The pagan sea. While the Scandinavian lands to the north have been united with the Christendom and while the Baltic coast to the east is controlled by the Teutonic order there is still something ominous and doom-filling about the sea. Lord Walsenburg and the exiles sailed the calm sea for three days until they came upon the ISLE. The landing was chaotic and panic filled. In a small amount of time the servants and knights erected makeshift tents. The isle gives off a dark and atmosphere and the lord feels it. The isle itself is not charted on the merchant maps. The exiled lord sees an opportunity to disappear from the Christian world by settling the isle. Still staying in one of the ships he look over the isle. Right then one of the knights – the one with a stumped hand, comes to the lord and asks: “What are your orders, lord? We have unencumbered both of the ships. If I may ask…” ” you may” the lord answers. “Are we going to stay on this isle? I noticed that the isle is unsettled by people as far as I can tell. I have dispatched a couple of squires to scour the isle. My thoughts are that we should find a suitable place and set a more permanent encampment there.” The lord remains silent. Thousands of thoughts flood the mind. Something summons him, calls him, teases him to go forth, to explore, to find the source, the summoner. Toten descends the ship unto the soil of the beach. ” It needs name.” He whispers and ventures forth toward the camp.

1) Why do people try to avoid darker, more real or bad things, problems, themes?
2) Why it is hard for some people to share their creative works? Is it fear of criticism?
3) If you had to create a poem or a song would you make it dark, bright? Why?

How to write a good film review/example. By Gabrielė S.

“Emilijaiš Laisvės alėjos“ is a patriotic story. The plot revolves around the life of actors and their love for Lithuania. There are some powerful, thought-provoking shots that unfolds a dedication to this country and a resistance to communism.

Ieva Andrejavaitė delivered a fine performance in the leading role. Although in the opening sequence of the film this character seems quite a far-fetched, in the nail-biting finale Emilija’s portrayal is moving. Moreover, all cast is enough good and convincing indeed. Even though all actors are sentimental, pretty well-drawn characters, the film strength is its screenplay which conveys the main idea – love to Lithuania.

Set in the past day, the film was mostly shot on location in Kaunas. This city provides the perfect setting for the film. Also there are some shots like that with rain which are aesthetic and provide a good look to the film. Therefore, the filming looks so professional and doesn’t have that common third-rate feature like many Lithuanians’ films.

It’s known that Lithuanians’ films aren’t extremely popular, however, this film has spectators on the edge of their screen. As a result of this gripping story, many people recommend each other to watch “Emilijaiš Laisvės alėjos“ as a blockbuster. So, it’s a box-office hit.

“Paper Towns” Film Review. By Juta Kvederaitė

“Get Lost. Get Found.”

“Paper Towns” is based on the bestselling novel by author John Green, is about two teenagers, Quentin , (played by Nat Wolff) and his next door neighbor Margo (played by Cara Delevingne), who loved mysteries so much she became one. After taking Ouentin on a tour of the city, Margo suddenly dissapears – but leaves clues for him to find her. The love struck boy with the help of his cheerful friends go on an adventure, soon to understand true friendship – true love.

The genre of the movie is drama, mystery and romance. I am definitely not the type to pick a romance film during a movie night, but since this was a JONH GREEN’S movie I thought i would check it out. I didn’t feel like I need to take my time back, actually I felt quite the opposite – I rewatched it. It’s super gripping – the actors did a wonderful job, considering this was Cara’s first lead role in the movie, the soundtrack made my ears cry of the wonderful sounds. What I really loved is that there was no special effects used, actors did their own stunts (Nat needed to pass his driving test, while Cara needed to climb trees and get to the house roof, etc).

Overall, I would definitely recommend the movie to everyone- my mom, my friends, a stranger-no that’s too weird… anyway. This film is very moving, there are many deep quotes, once I finished watching it I was left with many different emotions – happiness, sadness, calm, angry. It made me think about what do I want to be, what do I want to do, figure myself out. What secrets do we, each person, hold? You would think, that Margo ran away for some stupid idea, and hate her because she left Quentin hanging, without a note for her parents.. But You soon understand that is not the case.

6.5\10 for IMDb ratings, 51% out of 100% from Rotten Tomatoes.

Margo: Everything’s uglier up close.

Quentin: Not you.

J.G. Ballard “Empire of the Sun”. Book review by Viktorija Tamašauskaitė

In the world of wealth, it seems that nothing wrong can happen. Jamie Graham also thought so until he faced the overpowering truth…

“Empire of the Sun”, a novel written by the English novelist, short story writer, and essayist J. G. Ballard was published in 1984. Even though the author of the novel is famous for the thematically and stylistically provocative fiction pieces, he is best know for war novel “Empire of the Sun”, which is semi-autobiographical novel about British boy stuck in Shanghai during Japanese occupation.

The novel revolves around the story of a young British boy, Jamie “Jim” Graham, who is living in Shanghai with his parents and does not know the life of poor. The boy comes from the upper-class family, so he cannot understand what does it mean to live in one room apartment as his nanny’s parents do. Jim is all about the privilege – he enjoys parties that their parents and parents’ friends throw, talks arrogantly with his servants and does not give any attention to what their lives are behind the walls of Jim’s home. But suddenly everything in Jim’s world changes – after the Pearl Harbor attack, Japan occupies the Shanghai International Settlement, and in the chaos that follows, Jim is left all alone in this world, doing everything to survive on his own.

While Jim is all alone, he is terrified of people that surround him and is left to be responsible for his actions and survival. He goes from one abandoned mansion to another, living there for a while and feeding of packaged food he finds on the go. But after some time Jim cannot find food anymore and is left to starve. Then the perfect idea come to his mind – he will try to surrender to the Japanese army, even though officially they are the ultimate enemies of his. After numerous attempts, Jim finally is accepted in the Lunghua Civilian Assembly Center. Shockingly, after some time Jim understands that he has more in common with Japanese soldiers than he could’ve thought. He adores the pilots and their splendid machines and he falls in love with everything they have because he is fascinated and also feels safe there.

At the end of the novel, the end of the war comes, with the Japanese army losing. The food supply runs short and Jim barely survives, with all the people around him starving to death. All the people from the camp have to march to Nantao to surrender. A lot of people die while walking, so Jim leaves them and runs away. He doesn’t see why he should march with them, knowing that he would die either from starvation or walking. But then the miracle happens – he is saved by American Bombers who throw food packages from air. Getting his strength back, Jim returns to Lunghua camp and finds there a person he know – Dr. Ransome, who is about to return to Jim’s pre-war residence with his parents.

In my opinion, this novel shows us a lot about the truth behind all wars and one boy’s experience of survival.

Viktorija 😉

Grinch (Upside down). By Lėja Tubinytė 6c

Hopefully you will all enjoy! Before we start don’t wait and grab yourself a Christmas spirit and lets go! <3

Grinch was the happiest person in town. He knew Christmas was coming! But only he had the Christmas spirit :

All the people in town were grumpy and angry. They didn’t want Christmas. All they wanted was to be alone in their caves somewhere far away from town. No one wanted know or talk about the Christmas spirit. Everyone thought that it’s bad luck.

Although as I said… there was Grinch. All alone in the town. He knew he could make everyone like or even love Christmas! It wasn’t as easy as we all might think. Imagine building a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the town ALONE! Yes it must have been hard for him.

– The most beautiful night of the Christmas is almost here.- He smiled as he said those words. – Its sad that they don’t treasure it.

Grinch finger was pointing at the caves. He sat alone in the middle of the snow with eyes full of sparkles.

– Santa, I know you hear me. Remember when I said I wanted a pony? Actually I changed my mind… all I want for Christmas is for them to understand what it’s like. Feel the spirit.

He closed his eyes believing that the gift would come.

– I better go sleep. Tomorrow my dream will hopefully come true.


Grinch woke up. He was sad. After all he has to spend Christmas alone… or is he? Grinch looked out of the window and what he saw was just the biggest miracle! People that lived in this town were here! Here in the snow!

– Thank you, Santa.

He ran out and enjoyed his Christmas with everyone else for the first and the best time…

The End..

The Black Cat HALLOWEEN EDITION. By Lėja Tubinytė 6C

Finally it’s Halloween! Favorite day of the year. Not because I have to wear silly costumes and go around getting free candy which you can buy. Not like Willy Wonka’s dad, my mom lets me eat them. If I dress up as someone I can get out of the house  WITH MOMS PERMISSION! And if you ask about Amy I have some news… Yesterday I found a letter that says she will come back soon so I don‘t stay sad. And now i am scared if I won‘t have time to visit all the houses around (If I find 1.. not an old creepy one).

It‘s almost 9:00 am and mom still asleep. So I bet I could eat my serial with chocolate spiders and my scary strawberry milk. Best way to start my day would be getting dressed up as a vampire. Yes, I couldn‘t find anything better I’m sorry I’ll try harder next year I promise.

Mum woke up at 11:42 am and finally remembered her premise to let me go trick or treating.

„Hun, what’s that you are wearing?“

„Mom… It‘s Halloween today… ”

„Oh yea.. OK so still why are you wearing that?“

„For trick or treating“

„You are too old now help me put out the decorations..“

„Buut… You promised me!”

„No buts, now go clean the house“

I went crying to my room. Then I saw a strange girl looking at my items. She then opened her mouth and stopped.. AS IF she was trying to tell me something.

„Hi, you must be my owner“?

I had no clue what’s going on be continued…


“The LAKE”. By “The little writer”

One sunny day…

When everyone was asleep. Me and my best friend went exploring. It was 6:37 am and you could barely see the sun. Tree leafs were flying around as our happiness.

We wanted to pass our yard so spooky_lakewe climbed an electric fence just to look at an amazingly clean lake. The neighborhood always feared the lake as they thought it was alive. No one ever wanted to touch the water. But it looked too fresh and cold… 

“You touch the water first!” I looked at my friend.

“Pfft. Why not?” She was fearless.

The moment she touched it… we heard baby crying noises around us. Then a little music box appeared. *scratch* *scratch*

The box opened herself. We were too scared to even think. We made a BIG mistake staying there. 

The music started playing and the baby we heard earlier stopped. My friend was calm and took my hand saying:

“Its okay I am here”

She hugged me and thstories-for-kidse music box closed. We felt someone’s hands touching our shoulders.

“Let’s run” I whispered.

“Let’s have some fun” we both heard someone whispering in our ears.

She laughed and took the music box and it became quiet, too quiet… We started moving, slowly. 


Then I looked down and I saw a very small baby girl on my arm.

She smiled at me. And shouted :



Happy Halloween! 👿 

The Black Cat Part IV. The Story by Lėja Tubinytė 6C

I was shocked and surprised I just wanted to run away… Be like other kids. Go to school. But right now all I get is a freaky man staring at me and an old shiny necklace in my pocket. By the time he was staring at me Amy ran right through my room and stopped. Finally she stopped… The man looked at Amy and started screaming. Gladly I moved backwards as I knew something was going to happen. The cat walked towards the man slowly, while he was still in panic.

Amy touched his leg and he stopped, turned around three times and started struggling. A light crossed his body. I looked at my cat and started screaming because I thought I’m insane. A few seconds later that man I saw with my own eyes, MY EYES disappeared as if he wasn’t here. Then Amy looked at the sky and ran to where ever her paws takes her. I couldn’t say a word.

Days were running as if they were leaves escaping their home tree. The clouds were pure and free flying trough the sky.

I couldn’t forget about the man so I started drawing him. But all I could draw was Amy. Amy in my notebook, Amy in my dreams, Amy in my diary… was I insane? I didn’t know.

Amy wasn’t going to show up any time soon, but I needed to speak to her. I feel like she knows more than the owner of this house. I didn’t even wanted to talk to my mom. She would have sent me to the doctor so they could check my brain.

‘Brain are you there?’


That’s what I expected to happen. Anyway… I don’t feel safe. No one would. Someone can come in at any second.

The clouds started losing control. The leaves were flying around insanely. Wind must have done this. Clouds were dark and mad. The weather wasn’t good at all.

And I feel like one big mad cloud. And because of Amy I will be alone again.

Scared and cold I have to close my eyes in a dark room full of dust. I hope I don’t have a bad dream again…


‘Amy? Is that you? I really miss you, please come back!’


I woke up having a bad dream again. But this time. Amy…

To be continued…

Oscar Wilde “The Picture of Dorian Gray” book review by Viktorija Tamašauskaitė

“Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty. There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.” “The Picture of Dorian Gray” – a story of a fashionable, evil and scandalous young man named Dorian Gray. He was a beautiful man, but very corrupt and looking only for beauty and material things in his life. This story shows us how young man’s desires can ruin whole his life and what the desires make Dorian Gray to give up for eternal youth and beauty – his soul. The story of Dorian Gray is the most popular Oscar Wilde’s book sold all over the world. In 1890 the tale of Dorian Gray and his immorality caused a big scandal back then. As the author of the novel said, Dorian Gray had a very big moral in himself, but did not explain what exactly he meant. A few years later, Oscar Wilde appeared in trial because of his homosexual liaisons. Everybody started wondering if author portrayed himself as Dorian Gray, O. Wilde had only one answer to that: “Basil Hallward is what I think I am; Lord Henry – what the world thinks of me; Dorian what I would like to be—in other ages, perhaps.”

“She is all the great heroines of the world in one. She is more than an individual. I love her, and I must make her love me. I want to make Romeo jealous. I want the dead lovers of the world to hear our laughter, and grow sad. I want a breath of our passion to stir dust into consciousness, to wake their ashes into pain. ”

A very handsome and self-confident has found a secret to be young and beautiful forever. Seeing all these people around him that are his age, Dorian understands how precious is the secret of his eternal youth and lives his life the best he can, partying and enjoying life as much as possible. He knew that his actions will not have any influence to him, Dorian Gray lives a very lavish and wild life, breaking heart after heart. Finally, he meets a girl who falls in love with him – Sybil Vane. We could say that Dorian Gray also falls in love with her, but when he treats her so badly we can understand one things – he cannot love a pure heart like Sybil’s. A girl, being treated so badly, finally cannot handle the pressure – she kills herself. But things don’t stop here. Sybil’s brother, James Vane, still blames Dorian Gray for his sister’s death and seeks for revenge. But Dorian has another dark secret – in his attic he is hiding a portrait of himself which is a secret to his youth. Gray’s body in real life remains healthy and young, while in the portrait he becomes older and uglier each day. Frightened of what he sees, Dorian Gray finds another beautiful and innocent girl to conquer – Hetty Merton. He promises himself to treat her right so that the picture of him would get better. But it does not. Each day it gets more grotesque. What will Dorian Gray do to escape this madness? In my opinion, this books is a marvelous piece of art. When I read this book I couldn’t do anything else until I finished it. The story is engaging, has a certain dark and supernatural Gothic period feeling. All in all, this story of Dorian Gray shows people what most people seek more in life – beauty, fame and materialism. But within the lines you can see a lot of beautiful and strong lines about our lives, strong ideas and quotes.

“The Black Cat” author: Lėja Tubinytė 5c (story, parts 1,2&3)

The Voice is proud to present a new rising author Lėja Tubinytė, check this great story out and share your thoughts in the comment section below 😉 

Maybe I’m not the only one? Maybe there are more kids like me?

I was locked in my house. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. No one told me why… Why couldn’t I leave this boring place? They were hiding something from me and I knew that! But what was it?

It all began in 1944 when the war started. We had to move so I wouldn’t see my homeland ever again. My mum was really scared so she could barely breathe. Dad had some friends that helped us move. They really deserved medals! Although my sister wasn’t happy that these guys were helping.

When we were almost there someone stopped the carriage. My dad got out. It all happened so quickly. They were yelling and throwing stuff at him. Then we heard a shot. Mum started crying. Some of the helpers ran out. But it was too late. Dad was lying on the ground. I also ran out too see him. He smiled at me. His eyes were still shining.

‘Sweet daughter, I wish I could see how you grow up. I believe in you,’ these were his last words.

Tears didn’t leave my eyes. ‘I know you will always be there,’ I whispered into his ear. Then I hugged him so hard, I thought I could never let him go.

‘It’s time to go,’ I felt someone’s hand touching my shoulder. ‘I know it’s hard.’

‘I don’t really know what to say… How is mom? Is she suffering a lot?’ I asked.

‘She is… Let’s go… You must be freezing…’

I stood up. It was time to go back to the carriage.

Mum was finally asleep, now I could rest too. The day was so sunny when we arrived. The house looked pretty big. And the day I stepped into it, I never came outside….

All I could see were just white walls… maybe some paintings too. The house was pretty old. At first I thought it would be fun staying at home but then I realized one thing…

Every day I learned more about it. When I was alone the chairs used to start changing colours. Once I saw a black cat running in the house. I tried to tell my mum but she didn’t listen. Everyone thought I was CRAZY! Crazy was just not the word. How about TERRIFIED!

My mum didn’t want me to go to school. ‘You will be a great housekeeper. Never fear the dust!’ she used to say. ‘Why do you need school when you have a job already?’

These words drove me crazy! All I wanted was to be a doctor! She never listened to ANYBODY! I wished that my dad was here. He would understand me. He would let me go to school. But he was not here…

The bell rang. That meant it was time for school, but not for me. Sister packed her food and ran out. Why couldn’t she be the housekeeper? Oh, yes, she always used to break stuff.

Alone. The chairs started changing colours. I got used to that…

Only the cat used to scare me. I didn’t know why but she looked sad and lonely just like me…. I had an idea to take her into my arms one day.

‘The dinner is served,’ that was what I used to say eating alone. Waiting for someone to come back was really hard. Especially when the house was full of secrets.

The cat didn’t appear. It seemed that she knew everything. Especially when I was thinking about her.

Finally, I saw the cat and picked her up. Her face was so sad that seemed she was about to burst into tears. She reminded me of someone. But who?

A few days later the cat became my best friend. I called her Amy. Now the house became not that empty.

I was brave enough to go to the pantry and look around. There were many old statues, paintings, boxes, some clothes too. But only one thing couldn’t leave my mind. The necklace. Red, big and sparkly necklace. It was weird enough that I found statues or painting but now… How long has it been here? It looked fresh and new! Maybe the family that lived before us accidentally left it. I looked around and took the necklace.

My eyes couldn’t believe what I found. I just didn’t want my sister to find it so I hided it.

‘Can you believe what I found?’ I asked Amy. ‘This gorgeous necklace!’

When I showed it to Amy she got scared and ran out. But why? What’s wrong with it? I really wished I could talk to Amy… She would tell me all the secrets…

It was a long day. I had to rest because the next day I planned to sneak out of the house! Yes, you heard me right SNEAKE OUT! Sorry, Mum…but the house was just so BORING!

The next day was so rainy and that scared me a little. I hoped it would get better soon because if not…

DING-DONG the door randomly opened.

I looked at the opening doors. Why did I do that? A scary man jumped into the house. I almost passed away. ‘Give me the necklace now!’ he started giggling.

‘What necklace? Get out of here! Help!!!’ I started shouting.

‘No need to shout, girl… I just need the red necklace you have. Don’t lie…’ he didn’t give up.

‘No! Get out!!!’ I shouted again.

He pushed me away and got into my room. No words, no lies stopped him. He even pushed the bed upside down. He won’t find the necklace because it was not in my room…

When he finally noticed that it wasn’t here he looked at me. He was so angry… But why did he need the necklace so badly?

To be continued…

Daphne Du Maurier “Rebecca” book review by Kamilė Mačenskytė

A young lady, who works as a traveling companion to a wealthy American woman Mrs. Van Hopper finds herself falling in love with a many years older widowed man named Maxim de Winter. Her heart isRebecca flustered with beautiful mirages of a happy ending when Mr. De Winter proposes to the heroine in only two weeks of their relationship. She immediately agrees and travels with the rich man to his home – a mansion called Manderley. Unfortunately her „happily ever after“ dream bubble is popped, when she starts to feel that the ghost of late Rebecca de Winter is still hanging around. The staff seems to push her away, family friends constantly compare her and she feels like a horrible replacement that does not fit anywhere. The more she tries to compare herself to Rebecca the more useless and pathetic she feels, which leads her to believing, that Mr. de Winter is still in love with his late wife. Their relationship seems to be falling apart, as the heroine feels her husband becoming colder and colder, when one evening, the missing body of Rebecca is finally found. After this revelation Maxim has no other choice but to admit to his new wife the truth. Rebecca was a horrid person, who cheated on him constantly and disrespected him through out their whole marriage, so Winter lost his patience and shot his wife. After this revelation, a lot of troubles has yet to come to the heroine and her husband, but at least she finally finds peace with herself and shakes off the long stuck Rebeccas image. She once again starts to believe in her husbands love and finds the strength to help him overcome the problems that await.

This book shows us how strongly people love and how love changes them, sometimes for the better,and sometimes for the worse. Our heroine presents us how far one can go for a person they love, how many things they can refuse and leave behind only to have the warmth of a loved person, as well as if you find the right person , many frightening things and situations can become a little less scary with them by your side.


Willa Cather “My Antonia” book review by Kristina Ufertaitė

This is a very interesting and gripping story, which is narrated from the author’s (Willa Cather) point of view as one of the main book characters friend (Jim Burden). My Antonia is a novel about a girl (Antonia Shimerda), her hard but joyful life, boy (Jim Burden) who loved her his entire life from all of his heart and beauty of the country they are living in. Antonia is a girl who works as a farmer for half of her life because of her family’s financial situation It’s her brother’s farm and he is responsible for it, but Antonia’s brother (Ambrosch) does not even try to move his finger and find someone who would help him in farming instead of Antonia. Tony (Antonia) Shimerda is a very strong girl who experienced a lot of hard and confusing things in her life: her father’ suicide, heavy field work, boyfriend’s fraud and loneliness. But she still manages to see beauty in other people, stay happy and be thankful of what she has. Everyone should learn how to appreciate what we have and how to be happy every day because we are not doomed yet if we have something to eat or someone by our sides. The title My Antonia” is with word “My” due to Jims inscriptions which were presented in the introduction. This novel is considered as Cather’s first masterpiece and I agree with that because I could nottake my eyes off the book until I finished it. I think everybody should read such an inspiring and beautiful book to find something positive in their lives. I know I did after reading this book. 💡

Greek Mythology: Gods “Hades and Persephone”


This is a story about how Hades, the God of Underworld fell in love and abducted Persephone, the Goddess of Vegetation. The daughter of Zeus and Demetra was promised by her father himself to be Hades bride, but he warned Hades that Demetra won’t approve of it. The God of Underworld didn’t wait any longer. One sunny day when Persephone was gathering flowers in Nile field she saw the most beautiful flower in the World and leaned to pick it up, but what she didn’t know was that this flower was grown by Hades request. Goddess Gaia helped Hades and grew the flower who attracted Demetra’s daughter and when she leaned in Hades split the ground and with his carriage kidnapped his bride. Persephone only let out one scream. Demetra who was near by didn’t see anything, but heard the scream of her only daughter. She ran to the field but only saw nothing. Demetra became really sad and put on black robes, crying and asking all Gods and Goddesses if they saw her beloved daughter. Only God Helios saw Persephone abduction and told everything to Demetra, the she ran to Olympus, begging Zeus to give her back,but he didn’t agree. Demetra got really mad and refused to grow anything. Days went by and all nature was dying of Demetras rage and sadness. Seeing this Zeus sent his messenger Hermes to Underground to bring back the young Goddess from Hades. Hades agreed, but before she left he gave her six seeds of pomegranate as the symbol of marriage. When they all met in high Olympus Demetra got so happy seeing her daughter again. Zeus made a deal with Demetra and Hades. Persephone will stay with her mother for nine moths and with her husband three other months. They all agreed.So when she’s gone Demetra is sad and all the plants and flowers stop growing and when she’s back the nature becomes alive once more. And that’s how Persephone became The Queen of Underworld along with her husband Hades, the King of Underworld by her side.   

Albert Camus “The Stranger” book review by Karolina Orlovska

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your existence is an act of rebellion.’’

Albert Camus

“The Stranger” is one of the books, where existential problems of a person are touched. The novel was published in 1942 and written by a French philosopher, author, and journalist Albert Camus. In all his works we clearly can see the theme of absurd and the individual facing it.

The novel begins with the situation when the mother of the main character dies. This doesn’t affect him at all: he doesn’t even cry. I’ve got the feeling that he feels bored at the funeral and it seems strange to me, same as it could be to other readers. This lack of emotions creates “the wall” between Meursault and society. We could compare it with the game – if someone doesn’t play by the rules – he falls out. The same happens with the society, because rules are norms or standards by which society lives and in this situation, Meursault is not playing according to the rules. That is why the author gives the name to the this novel “The stranger” or other translators may translate it as “The outsider”. When topic switches to love – it is also the same story. Meursault doesn’t show emotions – he enjoys the physical contact with Marie who works at the same place as he. She, on the other hand, represent his life – free and without any obligations.

The second part of the book is about Meursault being in prison. This is because his neighbor, Raymond,involves him in a conflict with his wife and the Arab, he also gives Meursault the gun, which results in Arab getting killed by Meursault. This was like a favor for Raymond and he acted as though Meursault was his friend. From my point of view – the biggest absurd is that on the trial he as though is judged not for the murder, but for unwillingness at his mother’s funeral. The prosecutor at the trial sees him as a monster who deserves to be killed.

At the end I would like to say, that not always we must play by the rules, sometimes life send us challenges that we must complete acting against the rules. Life is changing, so do we. There are a lot of “Strangers” in our society nowadays. And as Meursault mentioned while speaking with chaplain, that nobody has the right to judge him for his actions or for who he is, and no one has the right to judge someone else. 💡

Dante’s Inferno synopsis by “Know more, live better”

About 2 years ago, I started to think about religion and it’s truths. So I was very exited, when I bought this book. Until now I didn‘t know that faith is very important for our afterlife. I can‘t explain why, but the author of this masterpiece ( in my opinion ) wrote the best book from the middle ages.dante-1

Dante‘s Inferno was written by a poet Dante Alighieri,who was born in Florence. This is the most known Dante‘s6 epic poem. I‘m very surprised, how the author put so many literature genres together. It‘s not only written about adventure on the nine circles of hell, it‘s also a love story, with some tragic elements.

Protagonist of this poem is Dante ( the writer itself!!!),who return from the war of the Cross, to meet his love, Beatrice. Later, he learns, that the Beatrice is dead Dantes_Inferno__06an is taken to hell.

He finds himself in a dark forest, where he is attacked by greed, pride and lust, but is saved by a poet Virgil. The 2 of them pass the nine circles of hell, and meet the Lucifer ( three-headed monster, shattering Judas, Brutus and Casius.)

9 Circles of hell: 34c493e281905160e61cfe4aeef18735

It must be recalled, that there were a lot of conflicts inside Dante, where he was “suffering” because of his sins.

At the end, Dante ascends to heaven.

I like, that the Dante Alighieri remind the real humans, who actually existed, e.g. Virgil, Pontius Pilate, Julius Caesar and even Beatrice.

This feature makes this book look more alive.

In my opinion, this book is pretty cool, I see that Dante‘s love to Beatrice is overpowering. I would never think, that the average person has a very strong belief in God.

A point of view on Romeo and Juliet by Livija Lukšaitė 7C

„Don‘t waste your love on somebody, who doesn‘t value it“

„Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. Then your love would also change.“

„Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.“


I think you noticed that these quotes about love. Maybe you think that love is banal? Maybe. You have the freedom to choose by yourself.

These quotes are from a poem, which was written by one of the most famous playwright: William Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare  was an English poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist.

He wrote hamlet, midsummer night‘s dream, twelfth night and much more… but I decided to write about Romeo and Juliet. Why? Because it is his first work that I heard about. In this work is written about love, true friendship, self-sacrifice, falsehood and justice. About the most important things in life.

Romeo and Juliet. They are the main actors, who prove how strong love can be. They managed to reconcile the two families, which seemed to reconcile is impossible. They reminded us important things that we may have forgotten.

Capulet plans a feast to introduce his daughter, Juliet, who is almost fourteen, to the Count Paris who would like to marry her. By a mistake Romeo hear about the party and decides to go there. He hopes he will see his adore Rosaline but instead he meets and falls in love with Juliet. And from that moment his thoughts are only about her. He endlessly wants to marry her, but their parents will never support them. Well, this will not prevent them, they will try to achieve the purpose, they will try to implement it. Some people will help, others will try to preclude. Also it will reveal real people‘s face.

What would you do if you were in the situation like this? Would you runaway like they did? Yes, they ran away and then they married. After a while parents found them. Romeo was sent to jail. He remained in uncertainty.

The time has come when he got out of jail. He met Juliet. He saw something that surprised him. He drowned in the depths of grief.

Love can usurp life and much more. Love can hurt. But there is always the good side. Love is important. It makes us happy. I am not talking only about the girlfriends or boyfriends. Maybe you love your parents, maybe sister or brother. Maybe friends. I am sure you have the activity that you love, whatever it is. If you love it – you probably enjoy it too. That means you enjoy your life at least at that moment.

Ranger’s Apprentice by Donata Jackevičiūtė

William Shakespeare. By Jogailė Čojūtė

William Shakespeare, was born in 1564 (April 26th), and passed away in 1616 (April 23rd). We celebrated his birthday just two years ago! He is now 450 years old. A little old, right?
However, his spent life time is very important to England and every other in the world. He introduced us to beautiful plays like dramas, tragedies and comedies, introduced us to his beautiful poems, books, and as I’m saying, have you ever read or heard “a Shakespeare”? He wrote lots of good things, no matter his parents were illiterate. William Shakespeare is believed to have influenced the English language more than any other writer in history. It’s interesting that he is also credited with inventing the names Olivia, Miranda, Jessica and Cordelia as well as others.
The most popular William Shakespeare play is the “Hamlet”, it’s longest play and the play responsible for the immortal lines “To be or not to be: that is the question”. The other one is “Macbeth” and “Romeo and Juliet”. And did you know, that Shakespeare invented the saying “Knock, knock! Who’s there?”
Shakespeare with his family at Stratford on Avon, reciting the tragedy of HamletHe was 18 when he married happily with a 26 year old woman, who in fact, was pregnant from him for 3 months. A baby girl was born, then the twins – a boy and a girl. But nobody knows what he did between 1585 and 1592, and those are happen to be called “the lost years”.
But in this year, In 2016, the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death, celebrations will commence in the United Kingdom and across the world to honor Shakespeare and his work.

Harry Potter book reviews by Ugnė&Neda 5c

There are seven books about Harry and eight movies based on the books

Main Characters

There are four students colleges in Hogwarts


Hogwarts colleges play a game called ”Quidditch”.

Quiz: Which Harry Potter character are you…really? – Harry Potter theme:

We like Harry because is very interesting.

Do you like Harry Potter?

Book series’ “Guardians of Ga’Hoole” review by Vejūnė Strazdaitė

“Guardians of Owl Kingdom” are great books. I like it a lot!. The author of these books is Kathryn Lasky. There is an animated movie  based on these books 😉 About the books :These books and the movie tell the story of the owlet Soren and his family. About how he got in touch with their friends and how they kept the kingdom “ Tyto” forest.

Book characters:


The film follows Soren, a young owl enthralled by his father’s epic stories of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole, a mythic band of winged warriors who had fought a great Legend_of_the_Guardians _The_Owls_of_GaHoole_35battle to save all of owlkind from the evil Pure Ones. While Soren dreams of someday joining his heroes, his older brother, Kludd, scoffs at the notion, and yearns to hunt, Legend_of_the_Guardians _The_Owls_of_GaHoole_16fly and steal his father’s favor from his younger sibling. But Kludd’s jealousy has terrible consequences–causing both owlets to fall from their treetop home and right into the talons of the Pure Ones. Now it is up to Soren to make a daring escape with the help of other brave young owls. Together they soar across the sea and through the mist to find the Great Tree, home of the legendary Guardians of Ga’Hoole–Soren’s only hope of defeating the Pure Ones and saving the owl kingdoms.

Movie trailer in 3D  😯

CLICK here! ➡

George Orwell’s “1984”. Book review by Aleksandras Melnik

1984 is a novel written by a famous 20th century writer, George Orwell, and it is his most widely known work.

The plot revolves around a man, called Winston Smith, who lives in an alternative, dystopian version of London. The action takes place (very unsurprisingly) in the year 1984, but the world is very different from the one we know. In this scenario, the world wars never actually end, and all countries unite in to 3 super states.

The countries are led by totalitarian governments, who have, over the years, created a system of total control. Almost in every room there is a portrait of ‘Big Brother’ saying ‘BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU’, and a TV screen which also acts as a CCTV camera, watching and tracking your every move.
At every time people are bombarded with propaganda, which glorifies: The Party, The Big Brother, The Ingsoc, and Ocianias war achievements. All events of the past are changed to fit the propaganda, all books and newspapers are rewritten or destroyed.
If anyone disobeys the system they are immediately caught (since they’re always being watched), are taken to the ministry of ‘Love’ and disappear.

I really love this book and I think that everyone in the modern world should read it. Though it may be shocking, or even horrible to some, in my opinion, reading it is the only way to prevent these horrible things from happening.

Besides the story is very gripping, you’ll probably read it in a night, and I can promise that it will lead to a lot of curious discussions with your friends.

Don’t forget to comment (especially if you have already read it)

Toni Morrison The Bluest Eye. Book review by Kamilė Mačenskytė

This is a story of a young African American girl Pecola Breedlove who grew up at the end of the Great Depression, in a world of hatred, abuse and cruelty.BluestEye

A once beautiful girl now cloaked by the views of the world with the idea of being ugly and her everyday struggle to find inner peace and acceptance, whilst fighting against the physical and mental abuse that comes for the things she has no control over, like the colour of her skin, or the colour of her eyes. The story of a girl who lives with a crippling family who seem not to feel any affection one to another. An alcoholic father, a distant mother, and a teenager brother who constantly keeps running away, because he can‘t stand the life with parents who beat each other. All of this Pecola blames on her ugliness which is not fully comprehensible and obviously visible, but more emotional and felt from aside. One wouldn‘t say that she looks ugly, but more of that she feels ugly. She believes that if she were different, prettier, the whole world would transform. When Pecola finds two friends, Claudia and Freda, her life, so hard and pitiful, finally receives something nice. toniHowever this feeling doesn‘t keep her from giving the constant questions to God, to herself, to faith or anything that is listening „Why?“ „Why was I made this way?“ „Why couldn‘t I be pretty?“ „Why couldn‘t I have blue eyes?“. This is a story of a girl, who was abused and hurt by the society and basic standards of being pretty and being nice, constant disapproval from the society and the White people, who she held so wonderful in her mind, a story of a girl, who drove herself insane with the idea of not being good enough, not being nice enough, not being as the girl that everyone would love, as the white girl. The story of Pecola, an African American girl, who even in the deepest maddest days, was only focused on one and only thought, the thought of pretty, blue eyes.

Emily Brontë “Wuthering Heights” Book Review by Viktorija Tamašauskaitė

Wuthering Heights, the novel that no one expected to become such a popular book, was published in 1847 and written by one of the Brontë sisters – Emily.There is an interesting story behind Brontë women that caught my eye while researching about the novel “Wuthering Heights”. In the 19th century when Emily, Anne and Charlotte were trying to publish their novels, it was really hard for women to be taken as seriously as men in writing and publishing sphere. So they had to figure out what to do. And they did – sisters wend under the male pseudonyms Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell for a while. And when it was safe enough to announce who they really were it was a shock to all those people who liked their novels. I found it quite amusing because this fact represents not only the attitude towards women at that time but also shows the reader what he or she can expect to find in the book.wuthering heights (2)
The novel “Wuthering Heights” itself, according to the critics (and I agree with them), is a masterpiece of Gothic love that includes moonless nights, supernatural encounters which helps to create the atmosphere of mystery, fear and makes the reader to want to know what happens next. “Wuthering Heights”, if I may say so,represents a passionate, intense and crazy love between Catherine Earshaw and Heathcliff. Love, which seemed doomed from the beginning.
When Catherine was little, one evening her father brought home an adopted child, which he took care of as any other child of his. Catherine and the adopted child, Heathcliff, grew together as their love for each other. Catherine and Heathcliff grew their interest in each other as well. It seemed wrong to love each other while living under the same roof. But when Catherine’s father died and she could be with Heathcliff for eternity, her brother, Hindley, bullied, humiliated him and finally told Heathcliff to go away because he has nothing to offer to his beloved sister. I found it too harsh because Heathcliff only wanted good for Catherine and her real brother was so stubborn that he couldn’t understand Heathcliff’s purest interests. So Heathcliff, after all that humiliation, went away with a belief that one day he could change his status and be more suitable man for Catherine. And he did change: Heathcliff returned as a rich and polished man to Wuthering Heights years later with the plan of revenge. As we can understand, he became not only rich and powerful but also full of wuthering heights (3)anger.
Even though the story is tragic, chaotic and dark we still get the feeling of love which can conquer all. At first this novel might seem a little bit shallow. Yes, that happened to me and I am not proud of it. At first I read the blurb and thought that it would be another story of two people who cannot be together for some reason. But when I read the whole novel I thought to myself “And you thought it would be lame…”. In a way it was about two people who cannot be together because of the social status. But to me it seemed much deeper later. Brontë in “Wuthering Heights” introduced us not only to the feeling of wild and passionate love but also how money and society can change people’s attitudes towards each other and themselves. Money not always brings happiness: it often makes positive feelings go away and instead of those to feel greed and anger.

Well, at the end I would like to mention one last interesting fact: “Wuthering Heights” is considered to be one of the greatest English literature pieces of all as well as Emily Brontë is considered to be one the best writers of 19th century between women and men. And now, after I read one of her books, I will totally read more because I liked everything about “Wuthering Heights”: the idea, the style of writing and etc. I hope you will enjoy reading this novel too. 😉

Aleksandras Melnik presents ‘Comic section’


How to order a pizzaHOW TALL PEOPLE FEEL final


More soon! 😀 



G.Orwell’s Animal Farm book review by Alex

Animal farm

Hello, I decided for my first time to write about ”Animal Farm”, “Animal Farm” is a classic work by George Orwell and a noted piece of literature.

This novel is about a farm of animals, which are treated cruelly by their owner and decide to revolt. But it is far not a fairy tale and very much resembles our own life and political situation.

I recommend this novel, not only because it’s interesting to read and it has quite a few surprising plot twists, but most importantly it gives us a very good view on today’s world and especially the Soviet Union and the Russian revolution. It will help you to understand the idea of communism, and why it did not work in the Soviet Union. The novel lets us see the events of the past century depicted the little animal society, which makes the a lot clearer and easy to understand.

You should definitely read this book it is very easy to read, but it has a powerful message and makes you see thing that you never thought about. I promise you will enjoy it and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it when you finish.

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre review by Audrė Baublytė

Hello everyone, so this time it’s Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre 😉

• Jane Eyre is an orphan and the main protagonist of the story. At the beginning of the book she is an isolated ten year old living with her mean aunt and cousins. Her cousin John Reed bullies her. Later she gets sent out to Lowood school. Then she gets a job at Thornfield, falls in love with Edward Rochester, finds out he has a crazy wife and finally marries him.
• Sarah Reed is Jane’s mean aunt, who raises Jane until she was ten years old.
• John Reed is Jane’s spoiled cousin .Later Jane finds out that he committed suicide.
• Helen Burns was Jane’s best and only friend at Lowood School. Later Helen died in Jane’s arms.
My personal opinion:
I didn’t like this book very much. I think it was a bit too slow and therefore a bit boring. Also I couldn’t relate to the story or the characters and that also made me dislike the book a bit. I would recommend to read this book two times, once as a child (teenager), and again as an adult because I think as an adult you would understand this book differently and maybe relate a bit more to the story and the characters.

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