My trip to Gothenburg by Giriotas

One day my aunt called me and said that she and my cousin are going on a trip. A trip to second largest city in Sweden – Gothenburg. She asked me if I want to go with them? I accepted their invitation with great pleasure. And after three weeks I traveled to Gothenburg.

In Gothenburg we were at about 17.00 p. m. Swedish time. We found our apartment and watched basketball.

Next day we visiteda botanical garden and saw a great view from the top of the rock garden. The garden was full of smells, colors and interesting plants.

After that we went to the museum of natural history which is full of stuffed animal. Some were made by humans, some were natural. Unfortunately all information was in Swedish and I couldn’t get to know more about the animals and their nature.

And finally we went to Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet. It’s a sailing museum with lots of different boat models, but again I felt unhappy because all written and audio information was in Swedish.

Next day was the day that I waited for all the summer. This was the day that I went to Liseberg – my first amusement park ever.

But before that we were in an amazing museum called Universeum. There is a green place were birds can fly, fish can swim and sloths can sleep freely. There also were two floors of interesting games and interactive tests. One was for your health and why you need to be healthy and another floor was about space and how astronauts live and survive in space bases.

After that we went to LISEBERG!!! In Liseberg there are about 40 rides of which I visited 7.

First was The Balder. After that ride I lost my voice so I really recommend this ride.

After Balder we went to Lisebergbanan. It looks like kids’ roller coaster, but when you ride it you will love it.

Kållerado – was our third ride but it wasn’t as amusing as previous rides. Especially when I was hit by two shots of water.

FlumeRide – unfortunately my coat’s zip broke and I needed to borrow my aunt’s coat. I recommend to bring a good coat to this ride because if you don’t you will get totally wet.

Hanghaiwas probably my favorite ride in the Liseberg. I rode it 2 times. And I wanted the third one, but the line was terribly long so we passed it.

AtmosFear – lots of people know this ride as free fall. I recommend the AtmosFear because when you are at the top there is a great view of Gothenburg.

And our last ride was The Liseberg Wheel it gave us lots of spectacular pictures and memories.

Then we went to centre and accidentally found 50 minutes boat trip by water channels. In the journey we heard about the floating ships museum Maritiman and we decided to visit it another day.

After the boat trip we went to the shopping mall. We found Starbucks and had some coffee.

The third day was our last day. We visited The Maritiman. From 18 objects 13 are different ships. Maritiman is a floating ships’ museum. There are lightships, cargo ships, barges and a crane. We climbed down to the submarine which was my favorite one. And the interesting fact about the submarines is that before WWII at least 30 persons were needed to sail a submarine.

After exploring the ships we went for another cup of coffee at our beloved Starbucks. And this was the end of our very enjoyable journey. 🙄

1. How many rides did I take at Liseberg?

2. How many ships are there in The Maritiman?

3. What was the name of my favorite ride?


My practice week in Life Science Center by Gabrielė S.

I was always interested in science, various experiments, newest technology and what’s more important – how we can use it to benefit the human kind.

Therefore, I decided not only to watch different videos or to read about the intellectual and practical activity of humans based on natural world through observation but also to be a temporary worker in a lab.

Thanks to the company “Sėkmės mokykla“ , which gave me a chance to make this desire of mine come true.

So, talking about my days in the lab, I could say that we were doing some interesting work, i.e. animal cells thawing from liquid nitrogen, amplifying DNA using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) thermo cycler, making microfluidic chips, which are used for obtaining emulsion, using electronic pipette for making a component mix of PCR, preparing the agorose gel, which is used for electrophoresis (a technique used to separate the DNA molecules by amount of nucleotides), purifying the desirable fragment of DNA from the agorose gel, watching the results after PCR on computer using UV light and a little bit more. 😯

In the picture on the left (a hand with a glove 😉 ) you can see a component mix with 6x DNA loading dye (blue color), which contains glycerol and it becomes easier to release the solution from an el. pipette. In addition to this, the blue color shows approximately where the DNA in the agarose‘s gel is at the time of electrophoresis.

There are two electrophoresis chambers in the picture with red-purple containers. This machine creates an electric field and the DNA molecule can move through the agarose gel. DNA molecule with more nucleotides is bigger, therefore, it moves slower.

These are the results of electrophoresis. Into agorose gel we added ethidium bromide, which causes gel to glow in the UV light and we can see DNA fragments in the first, second and third column.

There is a microfluidic chip, which is supposed to be used for mixing very small amounts of liquids. Actually, it helps to form droplets, which contain hydrogel beads, cell. In this chip you can notice repetitive structure. In each structure there are two inlets (for oil and for reagents) and one collection outlet, which is used to collect emulsion.

It‘s a lab, in which I mostly spent my time during the practice week. The computer shows a lot of identical droplets received by using microfluidic chip. These droplets are zoomed in, using a microscope, which you can see in the photo as well.

I strongly recommend to all of you, who are interested in life science, not to stop achieving your goals but to be creative and always stay observing everything around you because there are always so many things to do, invent or develop in this area.

You know, probably, sometimes it isn‘t the easiest task to be a scientist, but, in my opinion, it really pays off. 😉

Tropical Islands. By Medeina 5A

A Tropical sea, sandy beach and palm trees just 60km. from Germany capital Berlin. 1035km or 11 hours by car from Vilnius, Lithuania. Tropical Islands is one of the most famous and best known water parks in Germany and Europe.

In Tropical Islands you can swim, dive or just relax in the worlds largest indoor rain forest or come down on Germany’s highest water slide town. This is not only a water park, but you can find a hotel, sports club, amazing and great place to relax.

No problem if you get hungry there are six restaurants, five bars, some sweets shops and one food market.

The size of the park is about 10000m2 and the outdoor size of the park is about 35000m2.

I was there and I really enjoyed it. I hope one day I come back in this place. If you go to Germany I really recommend to visit Tropical Islands place! 🙄

My Trip to Germany. By Saulė Šaduikytė 5A

My spring break was very nice! We traveled to Germany with some class friends and our class teacher Simona. The travel went like this: early in the morning (about 5 o‘clock) our bus moved to Poland. We drove all day, and had to spend the night in Poland. The next morning we arrived to Germany, and at about noon we were in Dresden. Dresden is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. It is also called the Florence of the Elbe. We walked to Brühl’s terrace, from which we were able to enjoy the view of the amazing river Elbe. We visited places where famous German dukes and composers lived. We enjoyed the tour of the Baroque masterpiece – Cvingers palace as well. We discovered an interesting thing in the old town, on one of the pavilion walls there was the coat of arms of Lithuania – Vytis, amazing, right? 🙄
In the evening we arrived to the “Tropicana Island”. This “tropical” park has a very mild climate and we even saw real palm trees growing around. 😉 We swam in the warm sea and took a walk in the tropical forest.
On the third day we went to Berlin. In the capital we visited all the best places: Alexander’s Square, television tower, the Brandenburg Gate and the Parliament House. After this we moved back to the Lithuania. I loved the trip very much 😀

My trip to Belgium. By Giriotas

During my Easter holidays my family and I were in Belgium. We spent there 4 days. On Tuesday evening we went to Belgium by plane. In Brussels we stayed with my Mum’s friend Audronė.

On our 1st day we walked around Brusseland visited a museum. I loved the museum. It was museum of European Parliament called “The European Parlamentarium”. That was awesome, because there were lots of virtual reality things and everything was in Lithuanian. We completed the game and won some prizes. After the museum we went to Brussels cathedral. And after that we went to find “MannekenPis” and ate traditional Belgiumwaffles.

Next day we went to Antwerpen with Audronė. In the city we visited some galleries and churches. After the city we went to Deurne castle, but we couldn’t get in, because it was closed. But that was OK. We walked in the park around the castle and saw lots of trees, flowers and fields.

The 3rd day was probably the most spectacular. In the beginning we went to “The Blue Forest” which is also called “The Forest Cathedral”, because the trees there are so tall like cathedral’s columns. Later we went to “Castle Of Beersel”. This was a great castle, because there everything is left like in the middle ages and you can go wherever you want. We saw even the room where people were tortured and executed. And the 3rd thing of this day was going to “The Battlefield of Waterloo”. Waterloo battle was the biggest battle in Europe in all the time. It was in 1815. 2 years ago there was a big celebration of 200 years from the battle. In the battle – Russia, England and Prussia ledby Duke of Wellington were fighting against France led by Napoleon. There participated 118 thousand soldiers in the battle and 41 thousand were killed. We visited a museum and watched a battle panorama, as well as climbed 226 steps up to the hill with a special monument on it. Sculpture of “Lion” . It means the bravery of soldiers who lost their lives in the battle.

I loved this trip. It was 2ndtime in Belgium for me and my Dad, but it was first time for my brother, so it was the most exciting visit for him. But I promise I’ll be back to Belgium for more adventures and experiences in the future.

1.Who won the “Battle of Waterloo”?

2.Why was “The Battle of Waterloo” so important for the history of the whole Europe?

3.What animal is standing on the top of the monument hill?

My trip to London. By Emilė

LONDON has always been one of my super top destinations because of its history, culture, street fashions and music, language, beautiful ancient palaces and green parks with swans and squirrels. So we decided to do it this spring break. We were so lucky to have blissfully sunny weather and … huge crowds of foreign students.

Our schedule was really busy, so as soon as we got off the underground in Victoria station, crossed Green and St. James parks, we literally waved to the Royal Guard parade at the Buckingham palace and headed to the London Eye. After the spectacular ride we had a river cruise by boat and enjoyed the famous views from an open deck – Palace of Westminster with Big Ben, Shakespeare’s Globe, Tower of London with Tower Bridge…

In the evening we saw a really magical musical “Wicked” – the incredible untold story of an unlikely but profound friendship between two young women who first meet as sorcery students at Shiz University: the blonde and very popular Glindaand a misunderstood green girl named Elphaba. We were impressed by Stephen Schwartz’s music, performers’ voices and dances and extremely enchanting special effects.

Next day we started in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. We took a long and lazy walk, watched some kids bathe in Princess Diana child-friendly fountain, had traditional English brownies with tea on the bank of Serpentine Lake. In the afternoon we visited The Museum of Natural History, Westminster Abbey and did some shopping in Oxford Street. As the sun was already going down it was the perfect time to see London from the top of the Shard – the jagged peak of the glass skyscraper on the 87th floor. That was breathtaking; the city was sparkling, glowing and very much alive in the dark. And then a quick ride from the Europe’s tallest building to the loud and colorful Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester square.

On our last day we visited St. Paul’s cathedral, Trafalgar square, Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross station for Harry Potter souvenirs and it was time to go back home.

It was a short trip, but my head is spinning until now full of impressions, beautiful memories, sounds of London accents and enormous variety of different kinds of people. I hope to go there some time again, only for a longer stay.

Comprehension check

  • What is musical “Wicked” about?
  • Maybe you know what book it is based on?
  • How tall is the Shard?
  • Which train platform did Harry Potter start his adventures from?

Reasons not to get married. By Rokas 5D

First of all, I want to introduce my self. I am 12 years old boy, which is spending quite a lot of time in front of the PC screen. Here are my 5 key points, why you shouldn‘t get married:

So, the first point of not getting married: Wedding costs a lot of money. If you love a girl, and she loves you, there‘s no reason to spend money on wedding ceremony. You can live and be together for free! Wedding dress, wedding cake, free food for guests, and even the suit costs a lot. So, why the hell, you should spend that money? :mrgreen:

Another point, why not to get married: When you are not married, women is trying harder to impress you. That contains romantic dinners with food, which you DO love, unlimited Xbox gaming and etc. After you say YES, this fun stuff magically disappears.

Here’s the third part of that: When you get married, your friends begin to disappear. Because family life, takes more time, and you can have less time for them. 😕

The fourth part: When you get married, you must have a place to live with your wife. So, the fun begins when you go to the bank, take a huge loan, by saying HUGE I mean HUGE loan. And that loan is for the rest of your pathetic life, as a result, you have two times more working hours. 😯

The Fifth and the worst part of marriage: When the deal comes to buying the car, your women is looking at the “economy” class, while you want, the sports car. And you start arguing about that.

These are the key points, why I don’t want to marry 😀

Travel to Ukraine. By Benas 6c

During winter holidays my family and I traveled to Ukraine. We went there by bus. We left from ”Forum palace” on February 15th at 2:30. From Vilnius to Bukovel we drove for about 20 hours.

Bukovel is a city in the eat of Ukraine near Romania. We crossed Poland. I wanted to get there faster. We arrived at the hotel at about 23:00. Then we got a late supper. I was very tired from trip. Next morning we ate a good breakfast. I went snowboarding and my family went skiing. We tried all tracks except some red and some black tracks. At 12:00 on track no. 12 about 300 Lithuanians sang our anthem and chanted Lietuva! Lietuva! Lietuva! We finished skiing at 16:30. We went back to the hotel and ate supper. My legs were very tired. Next day I went snowboarding on 1C, 1E and 5A tracks. In the evening we went to Bukovel city. On the last day I went snowboarding in 22C, 5K, 5B and 5A tracks. The landscape there was spectacular. I will never forget it. On Sunday we drove back home.

Near Ukrainian border we stood for 2 hours. We arrived in Vilnius at 22:00.I hope someday to get there again.

I love Bukovel 😳

An interview with an artist and a gallery owner Aistė Černiūtė. By Veronikla Poškutė 6D

“Ever since I was a child I thought that painting is the best thing in the whole world…”

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Fun at weekend. By Giriotas

There were 4 families going on this trip: 8 adults, 8 children and 2 dogs went to Elniaragis Lake. We walked around this lake and we saw beautiful scenery – forests, fields, bushes covered with snow.

Elniaragis Lake is in Neris Regional Park! Its area is 0,08km2! Its shoreline length is 1,33 km!

The origin is glacial!

The most interesting thing for me was finding the birds’ observers’ tree house. All kids climbed to see everything from inside. Being on the top I saw a beautiful view of a swamp. I imagine in spring you can see lots of various birds there – singing, playing and laying eggs.

I wish to come back here sometime in spring!

The people behind “Rock ID”. By Tadas Auruškevičius 8D

The band named itself “Rock ID” in 2014.
Although it’s named Rock ID, it doesn’t mean, that they only play rock. They
play rock, metal, funk and pop.
The band leader is the drummer – Vitalis.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Impressions from Sweden. By Laimutė Šakočiūtė

Last year in autumn I was in Sweden with school bus. On the 3rd of November we went by bus to Tallinn. We drove about 7 hours. On the bus we watched films, listened to music…

Download (PDF, Unknown)

My trip: Rome and the rest of Italy. By Nojus 6C

Hi everyone ! 😉

So for the past week I’ve been on a trip to Italy. I had some crazy cool experiences and I’m about to show you!

Our journey started in Vilnius airport where we took a plane to Bergam Italy, rented a car there and drove off to continue our adventures. We drove off to the tower of Pisa. Fortunately the weather was nice and we were able to walk around there all day. After a very successful day it was time to move on. After a couple hours of driving we reached Rome. The weather there was nice too, so we went to the city and took a hop on hop off where the bus you take stops at places of interest. The coolest thing in Rome definitely is the Colosseum. The building is very interesting but the coolest part is the inside. There were a lot of interesting places there but the Colosseum was by far my favorite. From Rome we went to Vatican city. We saw the central church where the pope lives. As a catholic it was a very beautiful and interesting experience there. Unfortunately the tombs of all the popes were closed so I I couldn’t show you that. But again after a very cool day we needed to move on. And again after about 5 hours of driving we arrived in Florence. There was not much to see there except a very cool bridge with some apartments on it, its pretty impressive. The following day was spent in Venice. I was there not a long time ago so it didn’t impress me a lot , but it was definitely interesting. We went through a lot of different tunnels and tiny streets and it was very awesome. As much as my family loved Venice it was time to move on again. The last day was spent in Verona. There was not much to see there except one thing, and that was the balcony of the apartment Juliet lived in. If someone‘s not familiar with Romeo and Juliet its a sad story that William Shakespeare wrote. After that we continued to drive back to the airport. It was a very cool trip but unfortunately all good things come to an end.


I was on a trip this summer and I want to tell you guys about Montenegro. 🙂


In the photo you can see a bridge between Bosnia and Montenegro. The bridge is over Tara river. This custom border is very narrow. Only one car can drive through this bridge. 🙄


Rafting is a very popular activity in Montenegro. Tara river is the most important river for rafting. They organize extreme rafting in spring.


Tara river is very clean. You can drink water from river. Tara river’s region is between mountains.


All countries of Balkans have a lot of tunnels – roads. They can be very long (about 20km) or very short (about 100m). You can see my father in this photo.


Ulcinj – located near the border of Albania. There is the main Albanian society center. All Ulcinj‘s restaurants are made in American style, because there are a lot of Albanian – born tourists that come back on a vacation from America.


Ulcinj has the biggest beach in Montenegro . They named it VELIKA PLAZA . The beach is like our beach. The most popular activity there is kite boarding .


We stayed in Petrovac . Petrovac is located in a the middle of Montenegro. There you can see the real “beauty” of Petrovac. Trash is a very big problem in all of Montenegro.

Halloween costumes by Neda and Ugnė 6C

What to wear for Halloween?

Hello everyone, do you know what are you gonna wear this Halloween? If you don’t know this post is just for you! One of the ways is just put on some makeup, to wear something that you think is good and done! You have a costume which you can make really easily! Here some photos:

    Harley Quinn and Joker costumes

Snapchat filters Halloween costumes

Golden butterflies:

First you have to put some make up for example yellow or orange eye shadows and some powder. then you have to buy some golden butterflies (you can find it on Amazon) and put them in your hair.

Doggy costume

You have to draw on your face dog nose.Then you have to buy dog ear hoop and put it on your head.

If you want something more than Halloween costume you can buy oniese. You can wear it like Halloween costume like Nedagona do, but after Halloween you can sleep with it.

So what are you gonna wear  this Halloween? 😉 


In September, on the 18th my friends and I went bike riding for a marathon. The marathon was called1 ISRAELI EMBASSY VILNIUS BIKE RIDE 2016. The marathon started in Town Hall. About 200 pe3ople took part in it. Everyone got a T-shirt and a map. We rode about 10 km. It was not difficult because we often rode down. The marathon was friend4ly not like a race. All that time music was playing.

We finished near the White Bridge. There we celebrated New Year by Jewish calendar. Jews on their5 New Year eat honey with apples so we could taste that. We could take part in a lottery and win President’s Honey jar.

We also6 could play volleyball, basketball, tennis and table football

We got really tired but had lots of fun!

The Animal Shelter „Tautmilės globa“. By Liepa 6C

The animal shelter was established in 2012. Later for its work they got “The biggest heart of the year” award. The owner of the shelter is famous among animal lovers.

The shelter is mostly ketvirtukas-du-1taking care of sick animals especially the little ones. Most of the little animals who don’t suniuku-serimasget vaccinated die. Most of the animal shelters don’t have a chance to take care of the sick ones, because the other animals might get sick too. That’s exactly whereTautmilės Globa“ is trying to help. We try to cure the sick ones and find a new home for them.

Most of the time there arent that many people who are helping. So if you have time, mainly from 6 pm, you are welcome to come and help!

Things yoketvirtukasu will be able to do:

  • Walk the dogs
  • Take photos of animals for other people to post online

You can find the animal shelter at Rasų street 39, Vilnius

These are the best ones I picked 🙄 .

You might be wonderinketvirtukas-du-1g why I am connected to the animal shelter and why I am helping. Well, first of all I’m helping because I’m one of those people who don’t want to live in this cruel world and do nothing but complain about it. So I’m helping with dog walking and stuff, but my main work is with the cats. I have to write about them online and not to forget how I named the post, because some people search for cats this way…

If you want to find out more about the shelter visit this site:

Preparing 4 Halloween! By Miglė K. and Urtė K. 6C


Halloween history is one of mystery and intrigue, the story of Halloween’s past has been passed down through generations. Traditions and adaptations of ancient ceremonies and superstitions have evolved into the holiday we know and love today.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. The word Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows’ evening also known as Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve.

Traditional activities include trick-or-treating, bonfires, costume parties, visiting “haunted houses”.

Masks and costumes were worn in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or appease them.

Trick-or-treating, is an activity for children on or around Halloween in which they proceed from house to house in costumes, asking for treats such as confectionery with the question, “Trick or treat?” The “trick” part of “trick or treat” is a threat to play a trick on the homeowner or his property if no treat is given. Trick-or-treating is one of the main traditions of Halloween. The history of Halloween has evolved. The activity is popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada. Part of the history of Halloween is Halloween costumes. The practice of dressing up in costumes and begging door to door for treats on holidays goes back to the Middle Ages, and includes Christmas wassailing.

Three interesting facts about Halloween:

  • The first Jack O’Lanterns (crafted pumpkin) were actually made from turnips.
  • Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.
  • The largest pumpkin ever measured was grown by Norm Craven, who broke the world record in 1993 with a 836 lb (379.203kg).

Animals. By Veronika Poškutė 6D


Pandas are very cute animals. They look like bears, only with white and black color fur. They eat bamboos and drink water. Pandas live in China’s mountains.

Fennec foxes are foxes with big ears. Their paws have hair, so they better walk on hot sand. They eat eggs, insects, fruits, seeds, lizards and rodents. They live in North Africa and West Asia.

Koalas are marsupial animals. They live in Australia. They  are usually on eucalyptus trees and they eat tree leaves for four hours every day, for the rest of their time – they sleep. Sometimes they go down to the ground to climb onto another tree or simply to eat something from the ground. 

Tigers are like cats but bigger and more hungry. 😯 There are white and orange tigers. We all know that tigers eat meat. There are 8 kinds of tigers in the world, but three kinds of tigers don’t exist anymore. 🙁 

Rhinos have two (or sometimes only one) horns, their “feet” have three “toes”. The oldest rhino (lived in Eocene’s period) was small like a dog, however the ones we have now are very big. There are 5 kinds of rhinos in the world. They all are in the red book, because they are nearly extinct.

My favourite animals are pandas and Fennec foxes. What animals do you like? Comment!  😉



Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. By Girius

This year after Rio 2016 Olympic Games there were Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Games started on September 7th and finished on September 18th. Lithuania won 3 medals. Two !GOLDEN! and one silver. Silver medal winner is Mindaugas Bilius. He has physical disability. He won a silver medal in the discus throw event.

Later Bilius won a second medal, but this time golden. This time he won a medal in shot put.

And the last medal winners were Lithuania goalball team. Goalball team consists of blind and visually impaired people.

Goalball is a strage game because when two players are in the gate the third person is attacking. And the other team’s goalkeepers have to defend the gates. If they succeeded to defend it that team’s attacker attackthe other team and so on and so on and so on until the game time is over.

Thanks for reading and keep doing sport!

The Real Deal about recycling by Jogailė Čojūtė

Whenever someone told me that recycling is good and it is something that saves the planet, nobody gave me the actual reasons of recycling benefits… But today, I am bringing you – the real deal about recycling. Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials (that would otherwise be thrown away as trash) and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your community and the environment. Now, let’s look at all the bins, and let’s find out about their purpose. PAPER – the blue bins. Books, magazines and notebooks require a lot of paper. That means we need to chop off lots of trees, which could still be green, they could still freshen the air, make people and birds happy. But now if we recycle, hundreds of blue containers in the city would be filled with paper. That means the old papers could become books and magazines and even tomorrow’s newspapers again! Our scientists calculated, that every metric TON of recycled paper saves 17 trees, 26 thousand liters of water and saves energy which would be enough for 6 months to make a medium size house warm! Imagine, 17 not destroyed trees. All this only because of one tone of old paper. GLASS – the green bins. Glass is made when melting a sandy mixture in a higher  than 1000 degrees temperature. That requires a lot of electric power. When making glass out of old, wrecked glass, it needs just one third of the electric power you would use without the recycled glass. That’s how materials are saved, and less carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere. That means we can enjoy the pure air. PLASTIC – the yellow bins. Now recycling plastic garbage is extremely important, because plastic disintegrates (dies, breaks up, comes apart) in 500 years!!! This really affects our poor planet. One recycled plastic bottle saves that energy which is needed to a 60W electric light bulb to be on for 6 hours straight… A whole winter evening. When recycling plastic, 2.5 times less carbon dioxide, dangerous to nature and the human, is thrown out in the atmosphere. This is our planet, I repeat, OUR. Let’s recycle, let’s save it all – us, the planet, the animals. The earth will thank you for it. May our planet prosper.

People with disabilities by the Baltic Sea. By Girius Uscila

There are lots of places that aren‘t accessible to people with disabilities. But I want to tell You about places that are accessible and comfortable to people that are using wheelchairs. One such place is Monciškės.

Monciškės is a settlement located between Palanga and Šventoji. In Monciškės people with disability can enjoy their holiday when they are near Baltic Sea.

What is so special about Monciškės? All houses, cafes, facilities and beach are accessible and adapted to the needs of wheelchair users.

Monciškės beach is always full and this is not surprising because this beach is comfortable to everyone including people with bikes, families with small children and elderly people.

Summer’s moment @ Palanga by ME.

Every year less and less people can afford Palanga 🙂 It is easier and of course cheaper to visit Turkey, Greece or other countries. But if you are patriot and love Lithuanian seaside you must challenge yourself and survive several days in Palanga including famous Basanavičius street, crowded beaches, expensive food and excellent music shows satisfying every taste 🙂

And if you are determined enough you will definitely be awarded for your effort. So some advice for those who haven’t given up yet and still love Palanga.

  1. Visit Palanga in the beginning of June -the nature is awakening this time of year and the streets are not so crowded
  2. Cycle along Basanavicius street instead of walking 🙂 You’ll feel safer and it’s easier to escape in case everything you see around is too much for you :))
  3. Have your ipod on the Beach if you don’t like loud announcements on the radio about the safety rules in the sea which are repeated every five minutes in 3 different languages 🙂
  4. Try not to eat in the local restaurants unless you are an extremely tolerant person
  5. Find your daily routine , that makes your day happier for e.g. a cup of coffee in the morning, jogging in the park, feeding wild ducks in the river, walking or cycling along the seaside in the evenings etc.

Summarizing, you can enjoy Palanga and find something nice. These are some photos that show “Life is beautiful in summer “

Urte’s trip to Morocco 8-)

Morocco is a country in Africa. There are about 32 878400 people in Morocco. They speak Arabic and Berber. Rabat is the capital of Morocco, but my trip was to the Agadir. It’s a beautiful town.


In this picture we can see a hill and a note on it with 3 most important words for Agadir‘s people: Allah, homeland and the king. At night the words begin to glow. There is a castle on that hill. There were a lot of camels and goats in Agadir. There were goats which climbed on the trees !!! When weimage2.jpeg arrived to Morocco, we went to our hotel „Omega“. There is a big pool and a big hall there. The Atlimage4.jpegantic ocean left the biggest impression for me. Next day we bought a lot of fruits (strawberries, oranges, mangoes, figs and bananas). Fruits were very delicious !!! One day we went to excursion to Marrakesh. Marrakesh is a big city. We went to the market in Marrakesh. There we saw a lot of cobras!!! It was very scary!!!

Marrakesh market. There are a lot of small streets in Marrakesh and a lot of motorcycles, bicycles, donkeys and people there.

Next day we went to the Sahara desert through big, big mountains. We saw shabby villages and Bedouins there. There are a lot of police in the streets. Our guide said that some of the policemen walk in the streets dressed in simple clothes, and they can look as anyone, even the hotel waiter or something else !!! Morocco have a lot of beautiful places (I’ve been in all those places):

I was very sad, that it was necessary to leave Morocco, because I liked warm climate, ocean and desert…I hope, that some day I will return there 🙂

Miglė Kundrotaitė gives great advice:))

  1. Dent in a table tennis ball? Hold a lighter under it (not too close) and the gasses expand, making it good as new.
  2. If you want to download a YouTube video, just add “ss” to the URL between WWW. And YouTube.

e.g. :

  1. To listen a song on YouTube on repeat without having to keep pressing ‘replay’ at the end, add ‘repeat’ between ‘WWW.YouTube’ and ‘.com.’


4. Drink a lot of apple juice before you go to bed. A chemical compound in the juice will help you to have vivid awesome dreams.

  1. Putting your phone on airplane mode will stop ads while playing games.
  2. Making cookies and don’t have any eggs? Sure you could ask the neighbor, but half a banana (per egg) work as a good substitute.
  3. Pump up the volume on your smart phone by putting in a bowl; the concave shape amplifies the music.
  4. Buy a world map shower curtain. You’ll become a geography expert from all the time you spend in the bathroom.
  5. Showering with cooler water can stop a dandruff problem.
  6. Running low on battery? Put your phone on airplane mode and it’ll charge much faster.
  7. If you are about to get hit by a car (can’t jump sideways), jump UP! It’ll give you a better chance of rolling over the car.
  8. A cure for headaches: Take a lime, cut it in half, and rub it on your forehead. The throbbing should go.

Great weekend in Palanga by Girius

My spring holiday @ Palanga

At spring holidays, more specifically at Easter I was in Palanga. There is big eggs exhibition in Jonas Basanavičius street during the Easter period each year. There are about 10 eggs standing in the avenue and each of them is painted differently. Of course you can’t break them! Or can you?

When I’m in Palanga I love one café called “Café Banduke”. I go there every day. So I didn’t miss the chance this time. “Café Banduke” sells espresso, black coffee, latte, milk, hot milk and different cakes. Only some time ago they started to bake pizzas, but you can buy pizzas only on weekends.

“Café Banduke” is a special café, because they change their latte and milkshake every week.

This latte is called “Week’s coffee”.

“Café Banduke” isn’t only at. Basanavičiaus str. I wish you to meet @ one of “Café Banduke” and see next year’s eggs exhibition!

10 things to do with old magazines by Migle Kundrotaite 5c

     Here are 10 things you can make with old magazines:

  • Make a placement

  • Cut-out Art

  •        Make a side table

  • Pinwheel Coasters

   Make a Wreath

 Animals and other creatures, for example: a bear J

Birthday decorations

 An envelope

 Home decorations


A bookmark

Click here to watch more!


Veronika Poškutė presents her super cool family:)

Hi everyone, my name is Veronika. This time I will write about my family. I start from my. So I’m 11 years old. My eyes are brown, like hair. I am not very tall, but I’m not very small too. I like painting, drawing, because my mum is an artist, but now I am writing about me.

In this school my best friend is Junda. She has glasses, her hair is long and fair. She is very friendly, fun and good. 

Here I am.

Yes, I like that hat a lot.

I have brother Jeronimas. He is 8 years old. His eyes are brown, green and grey too. His hair is dark yellow. He doesn‘t have glasses. My brother‘s favorite colour is blue. He like animals too.

My mum‘s name is Aiste. She’s 38 years old. She has short fair hair. Her eyes are grey. She is an artist, her pictures are very nice, really. Here she is in her wedding dress.

 These are 2 of her pictures

My dad is Vidas. He is 39 years. His hair is brown like his eyes. He loves art too. He draws and paints very well.

Here he is

 and here is his picture .

My dad wrote a book. The book is called ,,Vilnius hasn’t disappeared“.

 So that is my family.

Dad Vidas

Mum Aiste

 Me Veronika and my grandmother.

 And of course my little brother Jeronimas

Do you have a brother or sister? Comment…

Facts about Earth and space from Ugnė&Neda

Earth and Space 🙄  Did you know that…

Urtė K about J.S.Bach

Johann Sebastian born on March 21, 1685, Eisenach, Germany. He is music composer.

He wrote about 1000 writings. The most famous are :

1. Toccata, Adagio and Fugue (Count Dracula).

2. Ave Maria.

3. Christmas Oratorio.

4. St Matthew Passion.

Bach was particularly close to the church music style. His time was more commonly known as playing the church organ, and not as a music composer. Bach was a great organist, have been able to play the most difficult things. He created his works for organ, which he performed himself.

He is my favourite composer. I like him !!

Amazing facts with Neda Lasickaitė 5c

• In 1979 Sahara desert had snow.

• When a dog sees his/her master its brain feels the same as a man’s who sees his love.

• Dog is the the only animal in the world who loves his master more than himself.
• Leonardo Da Vinci was buying pets in cages in order to release them into the wild.
• A cat sleeps 70% of it’s life.
• Men lie two times more than women.
• In Venus it’s raining with metal.
• Uranus summer expectancy of 42 years.

• More than half the world’s population has never seen snow.

Fun little Jokes:) author: Matas Dovydėnas

Star Wars:
Darth Vader: Luke, use the force .
Luke: No! Never!
Darth Vader : Then what about….
Luke: No!
Darth Vader : Or let’s go for a walk?
Luke: NO! >:(
Darth Vader : Why?
Luke: Because you are ug….
Darth Vader : Ugly? Yah I hear that many times.
Luke: ……….
Darth Vader : …………..
Luke: Yay daddy!

A normal day at school:
Someone in the class: Hey you, catch!
*Throws something*
Jake: What?
*Something falls down*
Someone: Are you alright?
Jake: Yah, but this vase, is not.
Someone: How does the vase look like?
Jake: Good, as it is made from plastic.
Someone: Why it is plastic?
Jake: Because we are “LEGOS”

At the University:
Teacher: Who can tell me how much is 9²·15³:8·A?
John: 0,000,000,00,000,000,000,000,254³
Teacher: Very good, John! You get +10 pluses.
*John looks sad*
Teacher: 15 pluses?
*Looks John at the teacher and slowly shakes head*
Teacher: 5 pluses?
John: You just reduced.
Teacher: OK, OK 0 pluses and ten 10.
John: That’s what I like more!

At the school:
Teacher: how much is 2·5?
Student: 10!
Teacher: WRONG!
Student: OK, I am stupid.
*Teacher smiles*
James: 10!
*Teacher slaps his face*
(No offense for teachers)

Gamers :
Gamers: We are the best MLG gamers 360 no cope blazing
AFK farm u Srublord!
Smart people:
Smart people: Turns 54° and go up 14 m, and then 3326mm up more.
Then turn exactly 785° and do a back flip.
Normal people :
Normal people: Shoot without zooming, do it with AWP.

Question to the readers of the comments.
What was in the #UNREADABLE?
Winners will be announced in the next article.
Good luck !

Tv series recommendation from Ugnė Urbonaitė

“Bones” is a TV series about FBI agent Seeley Booth and bones researcher Temperance ,,Bones“ Brennan. Booth and Bones work together and also help their friends: Jack Hodgins, Angela Montenegro, and Zack Addy.“Bones’ team” finds lot of bones and investigates them. They research homicide and find different specialists to help them.

Here’s something about “team”:
• Temperance “Bones” Brennan is very talented researcher. Doctor Brennan can identify sex, weight or age from skull or finger. I can’t understand how she is doing that!

• Seeley Booth is FBI agent and always works with Bones Brennan. Agent Booth has a very nice ties!

• Jack Hodgins investigates a lot of ugly things. For example: mucus, insects and more.

• Angela Montenegro works with computer and draws dead people’s faces. There is a device called ,,Angelator“ in ,,Bones team’s“ lab. It can restore broken bones into a 3D model.

• Zack Addy is Temperance’s assistant and her apprentice. He is a teenager.

• Lance Sweets is a Booth assistant. Sweets is also depicted as a skilled piano player.

♦ Camille Saroyan previously worked as the youngest coroner in New York city. ♣Performing autopsies in difficult and sometimes unsanitary conditions she admits to Booth that she took the job at the Jeffersonian because of the facilities. ◘ Later she becomes the boss.

All the characters work very hard, but they can do their job and enjoy it! I like this series because it’s very funny, interesting and fantastic. Do you like TV series ”Bones”?

Movie reviews by Veronika 5D

Pirates of the Caribbean: The movie has 4 parts. in the year 2017 we expect part 5, it’s name will be “Dead Men Tell No Tales“. 1st part’s name is The Curse of the Black Pearl, 2nd part is named Dead Man’s Chest, 3rd part’s name is At World’s End and 4th part’s named On Stranger Tides.

Main actor is Johnny Depp. He is Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow is a pirate. That pirate is very naughty and funny. He has a very cool face…

There is a girl. Her name is Elizabeth Swann. The actor is Keira Knightley. Elizabeth Swann is a strong woman. One time she loves one and another time she loves another guy, but for real she loves Wiliam Turner. But one time she kisses Jack Sparrow…

Elizabeth’s lover is Wiliam Turner. The actor is Orlando Bloom. He loves Elizabeth very much, but he wants to help his father Wiliam Turner. The father is on Davy Jones’ ship…

Davy Jones is very bad . The actor is Bill Nighy. At first he was a man, but he loved the sea goddess. He didn‘t do what she said, so he was turned into a monster. The pirates trap her in a woman‘s body. The actor is Naomie Harris. So they were lovers…

Hector Barbossais is a pirate too. The actor is Geoffrey Rush. He is not bad nor good. He is like a ghost. He has a monkey Jack…

So this is my favourite film…What do you think? What kind of movies can you recommend watching? Comment 😈

Star Wars 7

This is Rey .The actor is Daisy Ridley. She helps droid BB-8. Rey is strong. BB-8 likes Rey. It has a very important map. The map helps them to find Luke Skywalker…

Korea – huge music scene. By Emma and Jisoos

South Korea: the birthplace of a huge music scene and the worlds fastest rapper Having in mind the population of the country (51 million) the popularity of South Korean music is dis proportionally huge and it is still growing. Kpop stands for Korean pop music that originated in South Korea (So NO, they are not Chinese). It gained popularity in the 90s (as part of the increase of the popularity of South Korean culture know as the “Hallyu wave“) and boomed 2000-2010.16
Companies (for example SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment-the top companies) make auditions and thousands of people join them and some train for 3 to 7 years and sometimes still don’t get in.
How is the style different from usual pop music?
Dance is an integral part of K-pop. When combining multiple singers, the singers often switch their positions while singing and dancing by making prompt synchronous movements. Also, B-boying enjoys a great deal of popularity in South Korea.18
A little about Korean rap: As the underground hip-hop scene became increasingly popular throughout the 2000s, people became interested in various subcultures within hip-hop. With ciphers in Hongdae playground and annual freestyle competitions and/or events like Freestyle Day and Freestyle One, freestyle rapping really caught on to the underground listeners.
FACT: the fastest rapper on earth is a Korean (Shin Ok-cheol, 신옥철, stage name: Outsider), but he did not get into the Guiness Book Of World Records only because he doesn’t rap in English (which doesn’t make any sense because he still raps 24 syllables per second). Here is an example: (The song is called ‘Loner’) You can start from 1:56 if you’re too lazy to listen to the whole thing (although we highly recommend the full song).
Fashion: G Dragon from Big Bang

and Key from SHINee are fashion icons in Kpop. They create the trends. There are also certain beauty standards. For girls: Pale skin, V line, skinny, big eyes, straight brows, long legs. For guys: preferably V line (not always though), pale skin, tall. And “Flower boys” (They’re guys who don’t fit the typical look of manly looking men. They’re usually skinny, have gorgeous hair and have feminine features, no facial hair) were made popular through Kpop. Facial hair and extreme bodybuilding are considered unattractive in South Korea.
Here are some groups we recommend to listen to, if you want to get and idea about what this style is:
Boy Groups
Big Bang (빅방)08-BigBang
Debuted in 2006, has 5 members (Leader G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Seungri, Daesung). Internationally popular and are both extremely well received by music lovers both as Big Bang and as solo artists (The most successful are G-Dragon and Taeyang).
We suggest for first listen: (Fantastic Baby)
Other good songs: Bang Bang Bang, Sober, Blue, Lets Not Fall In Love, Loser, We Like 2 Party.
EXO (엑소)
Debuted in 2011, 9 members 09-Exo(formerly 12). Divided into EXO-K who sing in Korean, and EXO-M who sing in Mandarin. They sing and promote in Korea and China. Broke numerous records like selling their concert tickets the fastest and their former member Luhan getting the most likes in history on Weibo(A Chinese social network like Twitter)
We suggest for first listen: (Growl) (Korean version)
Other good songs: Call Me Baby, Overdose.
BTS (방탄소년단)
Debuted in 2013, 7 10-Btsmembers. Dorks, but hella talented. Have been getting really popular recently, won the Rookie Award. There are 3 main rappers: Rap Monster, J-hope and Suga, who released three songs with the name Cypher (3 parts). Main dancers J-hope and Jimin and singers Jin and V. And then there’s the Golden Maknae (Maknae- youngest member of a group) Jungkook who can do everything (and by everything we mean EVERYTHING: sprinting, wrestling, B-boying, female style dances, the worm dance etc.)
We suggest for first listen: (쩔어 A.K.A. Dope)
Other good songs: I NEED U, RUN(only listen to RUN after listening to I NEED U), Boy In Luv.
Seventeen (세분틴)11-Seventeen
(*screaming in the distance* “MANSAEREU MANSAEREU MANSAE YE”)
Debuted in 2015. 13 members!!! (Yeah, we know, that’s a lot). They’re split into 3 teams, the Hip Hop unit (S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon), the Vocal unit (Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK, Seungkwan) and the Performance unit (Jun, Hoshi, The8, Dino). Won the rookie award for 2015. Also a bunch of super talented dorks!
We suggest for first listen: (만세 A.K.A. Mansae)
Other good songs: 아낀다 (Adore U), Shining Diamond, Q&A, Fronting, Rock.
Girl groups:12-GirlsGeneration
Girls’ Generation (소냐시대)
Debuted in 2007. Originally 9 currently 8 members.
Broke NUMEROUS records, extremely popular, Korea’s biggest girl group, also called nations girl group.
We suggest for first listen: (I Got A Boy)(The song is different from the intro)
Other good songs: You Think, Lion Heart, Gee, Oh! (The last 2 are hella addictive so we warn you13-F(x))
F(x) (에프엑스)
Debuted in 2009. The group is composed of four (formerly five) members: Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal (and formerly Sulli).
We suggest for first listen: (4 walls)
Other good songs: Red Light, Hot Summer
2NE1 (투애니원)
Also debuted in 2009. 4 members: CL, Minzy, Dara and Park Bom. Their music is basically every style.
We 14-2NE1suggest for first listening: (Come Back Home)
Other good songs: Gotta Be You, I Love You, Crush.
SISTAR (씨스타)
Debuted in 2010. Also 4 members: Hyorin, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom. They kinda saved Starship Entertainment and made it more popular.
We suggest for first listen: (Shake It)
Other good songs: Touch My Body, Alone

Now that you know stuff, you should watch these (suggested by Jisoos):
1. (how to get into kpop)
2. (how to get into kpop #2)
3. (K-POP Fans vs Normal People)

Cause these people know the feeling of being a Kpop fan. And now some personal suggestions from other idols/groups that we didn’t talk about
Jisoos recommends:
1. (Gotta Talk To U by Seungri from Big Bang)
2. (Hate by 4minute)
3. (Crazy by 4minute)
Emma recommends:
1. (Coup D’etat by G-Dragon from Big Bang)
2. (Crayon by G-Dragon from Big Bang)
3. (NalinA by Block B)17

Well, that’s about it. What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments!

Game reviews by Gustas Tolvaišas

Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game where you have to hit an anti-gravity ball into the face of your opponent to win. The ball speeds up with every strike, up to extreme velocities.There are a total of 6 characters and each one has their own special ability, such as Candyman’s special which makes the ball teleport everywhere.My favorite one is Raptor’s in which he can redirect the ball in a different direction.There are also some arenas and every one of them has an amazing soundtrack. If you like different games or fun games then try this game.

“Rocket League”

This game is a mix of football and cars. You can do barrel rolls , flips , back flips and more. You can also Boost , which will not only make you faster but you can also hit the ball harder. There’s also customization. You can customize your cars. Even if you don’t like football or cars , you will enjoy this game. Unless you don’t enjoy any games.

“RUGELIS” by Girius 5c

I sing in Vilnius Jonas Basanavičius pre gymnasium’s folk ensemble “Rugelis”. Folk ensemble’s “Rugelis” head is Jelena Valiulienė. Folk ensemble “Rugelis” was created in 2001. This year folk ensemble “Rugelis” was celebrating it’s 15th years anniversary.

I have been a part of this  folk ensemble for 4 years. Also I’m a drummer in the “Rugelis”. During this period I have learned more than 40 different Lithuanian traditional songs and more than 15 songs I can play with drums which form the repertoire of our ensemble.“Rugelis” performs at all of our pre gymnasium’s events. Also “Rugelis” takes part in various festivals like “Ošia ąžuolai” and “Skamba, skamba kankliai”. This year “Rugelis” will participate in the competition for performing in the most famous Lithuanian song festival “Dainų šventė”.

My younger brother sings in “Rugelis” as well, so I want to invite you to cherish our heritage and sing in folk ensemble “Rugelis”.

My first trip to Curonian Spit by Miglė Kundrotaitė 5c

During the February 16th vacation, my family and I were going to Nida to the Curonian Spit. We stayed there for four days.

We were driving to Klaipeda city for 350 kilometers from Vilnius. In Klaipeda’s fish market we bought some fish. After that we took a ferryboat and went to the Curonian Spit. When we were transfered to another shore we decided to visit the“Hill of witches” in Juodkrante’s village. The “Hill of Witches” is made of parabolic dunes. Parabolic dunes are the old Curonian Spit landscape’s element. 5 thousand years ago when Curonian Spit was just emerging, first low sandy dunes started to appear on the western part of the land. Under the influence of western winds small washouts were formed, and the piles of sand were moved into the land, gradually turning into horseshoe-shaped formations called parabolic dunes. In time they got covered by grass and wood. Their height was up to 30-50 m, but in 16 – 18 centuries mass lumbering opened sand to the wind, resulting in the destruction of the parabolic dunes in many places.

The “Hill of Witches” is made of parabolic dunes

Grey dunes (or Dead dunes) in Nagliai Nature’s Reserve

In the places protected from stinging sea winds, where the sand surface is completely covered by the carpet of moss, lichens and small grass, stable communities of sand are formed. After that we were driving to our village – Nida. We rent a house near the Curonian lagoon.

In the morning we started hiking for 20 kilometers. We visited afforested dunes: The Vecekrugas dune. The large mounds have been formed along the whole Curonian peninsula. Geographers called it the great dune ridge. The average height of the great dune ridge is 25-30 m, and the width is 400 to 1,200 m. The dune of the Old Inn – Vecekrugas (Wetzekrugo) near Preila village is the highest point of the dune ridge in the whole spit, reaching 67.2 m. height. It’s name comes from the curonian word vece – old and kruogs – inn. The dune is owergrown by mountain pines. The pine has been started to be planted all over the spit in the middle of 19th century. It’s seedings were transported from Denmark. Due to the well – developed pine root system, that is located in the upper soil layers, agile dunes’ sand was well reinforced. We decided to go back home along the seashore where we could collect Lithuania’s gold – amber!

We were going to: The Parnidis dune. The Parnidis dune is the only place in the Curonian Spit’s National Park where drifting dunes still remain. To the south, Parnidis dune opens the scenery of shifting dunes Grobstas Nature Reserve, and if the visibility is good one can see the sands of the Russian Federation. Scientists estimate that due to the prevailing western winds traveling dunes move from 0.5 to 10 m eastwards every year. Also that day we were watching for geocatches. Geo-catching is a smart phone application when you have to find a box which is hidden by another person. There is a peace of paper in that box where you have to record your name and date. We found four of such boxes. And it was fun!

The Parnidis dune

This was a day to go home. From Smiltyne village we got into the ferryboat and traveled back home… On the way home we drove to Palanga and visited Palanga’s Bridge. We also had lunch. Then we stopped at Kretinga winter garden which was established by nobleman Tiškevičius. And then…a long drive to Vilnius.



My first trip to the Curonian Spit was awesome!!!
You have to visit the Curonian Spit too!!!

2nd Part of Series: Gambling, betting, money, and your own security. By Mariusbotx

Warning!There’s sarcasm involved in this post, don’t take everything too seriously.

Confession time. I waste money on gambling. It’s not that bad, as I view it as form of entertainment.It’s addicting though. But I don’t really care.If I will end up in the streets someday, say hi to me,if you’re passing by. Moral of the story? Don’t do drugs, or something like that. Online-Gambling

Gambling, betting

There are 2 types of gambling – in real life and online. First, in real life, we have casinos, where you can find slot machines, roulette, card games(poker, blackjack, etc.)

Online gambling is just a virtual form of real life gambling, you can find casinos, arcades. E-sports is a thing, people form teams and battle each other in competitive games. You can place bets on teams and win/lose money. Since I only do online gambling, these are examples of how it looks:


Let’s talk about money. Some crazy people, including me, bet large sums of money, for example
100 – 1000 €. Don’t do that, unless you want to.Some people just chill and bet 50 cents.
Beware, gamble and bet responsibly,you can easily lose your money in 1 second. There are 3 stages:

1st stage – Things are going alright, I’m doing it for entertainment.
2nd stage – Recently lost some money, I need to recover.
3rd stage (rage betting) – Betting last 30 € I’ve got to recover.
This is what happened to me:


Never ,,rage bet” You stop thinking, you’re in a rush, trying to recover money you’ve lost.
To bet you need clear mind, because a lot of thinking goes into betting. Go outside, get some fresh air and then start again.


Your security is important, use different passwords. Beware of scams, don’t click on suspicious links.I’ve got hijacked ( to put it simply, my online gambling account was stolen), that day was really rough… Some online betting sites are rigged (for example, they let you win some money, then take it all back, plus your own money) as well as some real life casinos.

VALENTINE‘S DAY by “Know more, live better”

Valentine‘s day, also known as „ The day of love“. It‘s celebrated 14th of February.

Valentine was a priest, who made a lot of illegal marriages. When Roman Emperor Claudius II learned of the priest’s activities, Valentine was arrested and killed on 14 of February. After some time, Valentine was declared a saint.

At these times, the feast is celebrated around the world. People admit love, give flowers, candies, toys and postcards. Some companies are organizing special „Love trips“.
How is this feast celebrated by teenagers??? In America on this occasion parties are organized, schools elect the  king and queen of the event.

What do we do in our school??? Well, first of all, it is a new holiday, untraditional to us, so it isn‘t acceptable for everybody.

We have a „Love post“ for sending postcards or letters to each other. Actually, I haven‘t seen the student of my class, who got the postcard with a declaration of love ( yet! And not written by themselves 🙄
So, We also have parties ( of our choice), and glue heart- shaped stickers on our faces.

To me it isn‘t a very important festival. People need to be loved every day. Really, I think, people must show their feellings frequently, not only on such days. But If you are a real blockhead and haven‘t got the time during the year to say for your loved  one, how dear he/she is for you – St. Valintine‘s Day is a deadline.

What do you think about this special day???

All rights reserved ® © By L.S. V.K. & A.K. 2018