G.Orwell’s Animal Farm book review by Alex

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Animal farm

Hello, I decided for my first time to write about ”Animal Farm”, “Animal Farm” is a classic work by George Orwell and a noted piece of literature.

This novel is about a farm of animals, which are treated cruelly by their owner and decide to revolt. But it is far not a fairy tale and very much resembles our own life and political situation.

I recommend this novel, not only because it’s interesting to read and it has quite a few surprising plot twists, but most importantly it gives us a very good view on today’s world and especially the Soviet Union and the Russian revolution. It will help you to understand the idea of communism, and why it did not work in the Soviet Union. The novel lets us see the events of the past century depicted the little animal society, which makes the a lot clearer and easy to understand.

You should definitely read this book it is very easy to read, but it has a powerful message and makes you see thing that you never thought about. I promise you will enjoy it and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it when you finish.

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