Marvel Comics Fan Club. By Marius Marmakas

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Basically Comic-con is a place where lots of people who share the same interest in comics, games, and art meet up relax, and have fun. The event takes place in San Diego.
With attendance topping 130,000 people in recent years convention maxed out space and event has grown to include satellite locations, including hotels and outdoor parks.
If you don’t mind crowds in some rooms (they have several huge rooms, like shown in the picture) then you should be just fine. Crowds often occur where you can meet special guests, like Stan Lee, writer, actor, and chairman of Marvel Comics.
If you ever get tired of being inside the building, you can go grab some food and relax on the grass nearby. If you enjoy drawing or painting, playing games or watching movies, and reading comic books – this is a place for you:)))

Comic-con started with a group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans – including Shelf Dorf, Ken Krueger and Richard Alf. With their passion to comic books they banded together to put on the first comic book convention. Here they are:

Richard Alf (2nd photo) was known as really fun guy. What everyone remembers about him is his laugh, whenever you heard it, you felt like laughing too.

In Comic con there are a lot of cos players (cosplay means ,,costume play” it’s a performance art where participants called ,,cos players” wear costumes and fashion accessories, they do everything to look like someone they want to cosplay, sometimes it goes even beyond realistic). Here are some of them:

Want more? Here’s something really great to watch, have fun guys! Comment! 👿

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  1. I’ve been a Marvel fan since my early childhood. In fact, i still have some Spider-Man posters hanging on the wall ????. I enjoy the movies of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and i think it’s great how they slowly give hints about other superheroes in their movies and in the end it becomes a blockbuster with all the Marvel heroes like The Avengers. If i end up living in the U.S. when i grow up i would love to go to Comic-Con at least one time.

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