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Like Halloween? Have a cool costume? Let’s Share:))

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♥My name is Gustas and this is my Halloween costume. The really cool part is that you can’t be seen through the mask , but you can see through it from the inside.Gustas ' Costume________________________________________________________________________________

I chose to be a ballerina this year. Jogailė halloween party2_______________________________________________________________________________

Hi my name is Guoste and there is my costume from this Halloween. I chose to be a Zipper this year because I wanted to be different… I did it my self I found the tutorial (how to make it) in YouTube I think it is kind of a scary costume. Guostė

halloween party Guostė

My Halloween costume. Like I said, I love this celebration, and for this year I chose angel killer. It wasn’t super hard and expensive, but it took time. It was weird, but I won Halloween queen!
Augustė Kriaučeliūnaitė 8a

halloween party Augustė

Augustė Kriaučeliūnaitė

My costume for Halloween. Mykolas

halloween party Mykolas_______________________________________________________________________________

My costume for Halloween. Aleksandras

halloween party Aleksandras________________________________________________________________________________

My name is Neda and this is my Halloween costume. I was devil’s bride. It wasn’t really hard to make the costume.
I liked doing this costume!


Hi, my name is Dovydas. This year I didn’t celebrate Halloween, but 2 years ago, when I was in U.S.A I with my grandma walked from house to house saying: ‘Trick or Treat!’ And this is my 2013 years costume

???? We got 2.5 kg candies!!! ????


Hi, my name is Matas. This Halloween I was a marionette who resisted the puppet master and escaped. He is still haunting me.

I like Halloween !!! I celebrate it every year. I like to dress up creepy costumes, and scare people. It’s funny. But I don’t understand why most people wear not scary costumes, I think Halloween costume has to be scary. Ugne 7d

reaper Ugne_______________________________________________________________________________

My name is Vėjūnė and this is my Halloween costume.


Hi my name Urte. This is my Halloween costume!! I am a skull!!!


Hi, I’m Orinta and this is my Halloween costume. I like to dress like a witch. And I’m here like a witch. My face was drawn by my BFF, she helped.



Hello, my name is Donata. I helped my sister to prepare a witch costume for Halloween’s party. How do you like it?


This is my Halloween costume.I was the devil. Here I am! Or not? Then who is there? Don’t be afraid- it’s my Halloween costume☺.Medeina

My name is Kristijonas. Every year on October 31st people celebrate Halloween. I celebrate Halloween with my family and my cousins. We decorate our house. Each of the guests brings his own food. Those are scary dishes. The costumes are very different. I like the fearsome costumes, because everyone is afraid of me.
I’m waiting for Halloween!!!


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  1. karolis November 27, 2015

    I like Gusto costume but I dosen’t like Orintos costume

  2. Matas November 2, 2015

    I like the costumes????????????

  3. Elze October 27, 2015

    great ideas I will use zipper for my costume this year ;0

  4. Laurynas October 23, 2015

    hey, i wanted a costume like that where did u get it???

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