Contest: “My cute and awesome pet”

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They are cute, they are fluffy and they bring us the best emotions! Students share the most amazing photos of their pets. Enjoy and comment bellow:) B.t.w feel free to send us photos of your pets. We are launching voting soon, let’s nominate 3 of the most interesting animals.


This is my pet hamster. Her name is Boss.It is very cunning and also funny. She is two years old.
Owner: Emilis


My cat‘s name is Kacas, even though she is a girl. I rescued her about 3-4 years ago. When she was only about 1 or 2 weeks old she was taken away from her mother. A boy from my neighborhood wanted to play with her and then kill her. Then I came along and took her in.
Kacas likes sleeping, eating, staring at people and hiding. She is a happy and funny cat. She tolerates me and hates everyone who is not me. She is very cute and awesome. Owner: Audrė

This is my dog Gurta. Dogs’ name comes from my dad’s company Gurtana .I hope you like it! Owner: Antanas

My dog’s name is Buse. She is 7 years old. She is very lazy, but very funny and cheerful. She is a mini poodle. Buse is very very cute! My dog has green eyes and her fur is of the color of sand.  Owner:Tali

Buse owner Tali

This is my dog Bimas. His breed is Parson Russel Terier. Bimas is very energetic dog, even though he is 8 years old. His fur is all white, although he has some black spots near his ears. Bimas is a very smart dog, he knows several commands: sit, lay, beg, come, ball. He also answers to his name whenever I call him. My dog loves to play outside. Owner: Jokūbas

Bimas Owner Jokubas

This is my cat Silvis. Silvis’ type is Russian blue cat. He’s got big green eyes and his fur is grey. Silvis is 9 years old. Silvis likes to play a lot, eat and sleep. Owner:Karolina

My little dog is Bichon Frise Cooper. He is only 2 moths old, very fiendly, cheerful, playful and silky soft. Cooper likes sleeping, running around and cuddling. At night he cries a little, because he still misses his mum. Owner:

Nušas owner Tadas

This is Loki. He’s a corgi breed, (though we aren’t sure if he’s 100% or mixed) and his fur is brighter and more orange than other corgis are. He is very playful, energized and he likes to dress up! He’s well trained and listens to my commands instantly. He loves being around people especially kids! Super goofy, he loves to take walks to the park next to my house, since there is a lot of playground equipment (he adores going down the slide!). I treat him very well, give him treats everyday, bathe him. I hope you like this adorable dog of mine! (^-^ ) Owner: Juta

The owner: Gabrielė

This is my cat Jeta. She has got very green eyes which make her look mysterious and passionate. She is lazy and sleeps a lot but she also loves parties:)) especially her birthday, that is on 5th of April. When she came to our home she was so little and cute, like a toy, but today I would say she is a queen of our house – so noble, elegant and confident.

This is my dog Lakis.He is now six months old.He eats everything I give him.He likes to play with small balls.And I love him very much!♡ Owner: Justina

The owner: Kristijonas

This is my dog Pyplius. His fur is black and white, also he has beautiful brown eyes. Pyplius is very funny and friendly. His favorite food is meat. I love him. He died, but I never forgot him. He is my favorite and best dog in the world! Owner: Rokas

My cat‘s name is Grafas. He is about 8 years old and he is British short hair. Grafas’ fur is gray color with black stripes. He likes playing with a small ball, often likes to sleep. When we go to our village with Grafas, he catches tmice He is very playful, but not always, sometimes he is very quiet. Owner: Livija

Hello, this is my dog Teris. His breed is Jack Russel Terrier. He is very funny and energetic dog. He likes to play hide and seek. When he is tired he can sleep all day. He loves to play outside. Owner: Kipras

My cats’ name is Elita her breed is Sphinx. She is 4 years old. My cat likes to sleep and sit by the window. She always sleeps with me. Her eyes are green, she likes to play very much, I love her a lot!

Owner: Aurelija


This is my kitten named Skotas. He’s is 5 months old. He has hazel brown eyes, likes sleeping, playing and eating lot’s of food. It’s really funny, because he eats food from our dog’s and another cat’s bowl, and leaves his bowl empty. As you can see, Skotas is very photogenic and handsome as hell. Owner: Vakarė

Hello this is my cat Mikada. She is very cute. She is 1 year old. And her type is British short hair Classic Silver Tabby. She likes to eat fish and lamb. When I have free time, she plays with me and her mouse. Sometimes she likes to sit in the flowers and she looks like a little monkey. Also she likes to play with my fish pets. She wants to catch the fish, but she can’t, because our fishes are in aquarium. She always drinks water from the tap, and she likes to catch water from the tap:) Owner:Eglė

Owner: Ugnė

It’s my dog named Nipis! He is very cute and I love it very much! Owner: Orinta


Tina. Owner: Deivid______________________________________________________________________________

Very cute little dogs, they love each other very much, small and funny, they love to be in they’re house 🙂 Owner : Arnas

Arnas Dogs

Lada.Owner: Domas

Milky owner IgnasMy dog name is Runis. I rescued him 5years ago, when he was born. Runis is very happy, funny and sometimes stupid dog 🙂 But he is a piece of our family ❤️ He is soo beautiful dog, his breed is fox-terrier. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.. Owner: Luka S.

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