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Art Project “My Favorite Teacher 2015”. 5th graders

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Teacher’s Day is coming, our students present you their teachers, can you recognize them??:))

Jogailė’s thoughts about Teacher’s Day:

“So what does it mean to be a teacher today? What should they be like?
In my opinion, the first thing a teacher should master is enthusiasm. How beautiful it is to listen to someone who likes his job and loves the subject. They want YOU to discover awesome and different lanes of education… plus motivate you.
To do that,  teachers should be self-motivated, which means they have to stay positive, energetic and confident! Three in one!
What are your opinions on teachers today, little internet people? Comment below!” 🙄 

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  1. Julius October 12, 2015

    What is a dream teacher?
    In my opinion a teacher needs to have a good character. He needs to know how to make jokes and know sarcasm And so. He is supposed to know how to make learning interesting. I Think thats what makes a teacher better!!!

  2. Lėja October 12, 2015

    I love school because I have really awesome friends and teachers;)

  3. Tadas October 8, 2015

    Very realistic 🙂

  4. Miglė October 5, 2015

    I like teacher Jolita. Besauce she is my class teacher. Also I like she besauce she is very friendly, good, smart and funny! She is that what every teachers have to be!

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