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Students’ thoughts about Halloween / Movie reviews

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♠Every year on October 31st people celebrate Halloween (also known as All Hallows’ Eve and etc.) – a festival in which people and especially children often dress up as scary monsters (like zombies, witches, skeletons) or other things and go trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, playing pranks on others, visiting haunted attractions and etc. People also decorate their houses and carve pumpkins. I don’t celebrate it because it’s not that popular in Lithuania, but in America it’s a festival ! In America it is widely celebrated and people in there create spooky atmosphere quite well, especially in neighborhoods (I guess…). People really enjoy scaring each other and probably that is the fun part of this festival – scare and be scared. While in other countries (like Lithuania) people visit graves of their deceased relatives, lit candles and put flowers on their graves. In my opinion Halloween is a scary/fun festival but I do not have the opportunity to celebrate it. Lėja Mikailionytė 8b

©I didn’t think the film was awful, sure it’s formulaic and a bit mediocre but I’ve seen a lot worse. It was interesting and scary to watch. And I don’t have any big fancy words, I just want someone to tell me what just happened? Why didn’t the Annie lady just kill the parent so she could keep the kid? Why kill the medium and the Hannah chick?  Why did he need a watch and what was with the birds? The film wasn’t that scary, but the idea of it was great! I enjoyed watching it with the classmates! It was funny.  Vilija Stalinkečiūtė

®”I really like the idea of Halloween and it’s really a shame that it is not really popular in Lithuania. Personally I have never had the “full Halloween experience” – I never went out with my friends asking for candy and I never made a full costume to scare my neighbours or friends.

On the Halloween night I usually like to light up a few candles, watch movies (maybe even a few spooky ones) and just enjoy the calm and cozy atmosphere.

I really wish, that someday I can visit a big Halloween party abroad and have a lot of fun! In my opinion, if Halloween was more celebrated in Lithuania, I really would love it.
These are just a few of my thoughts on Halloween.” Marija Mireckaitė 8B

⇒◊In my opinion Haloween is really cool kids’, teenagers’ and adults’ celebration. Halloween activities are very funny but also scary. I like decorating my room, attending Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins, playing pranks, telling scary stories and watching horror movies. It’s like Halloween’s spirit or something:)

So, this Halloween was so funny but also scary. I with some friends went to the cinema late at night and watched a horror movie. After the movie we went to my friend’s house and  watched horror movies again 😀 We were eating loads of Halloween candies and laughing. I think that our Halloween was really cool.:) Beata 8b

♣Cool! I like Halloween parties with creepy stuff, pranks and costumes.
I think I will decorate my house using your tips, and it should be awesome!
If I make a costume I will be a zombie. With dripping blood (here I would use your recipe) and ripped flesh, all rotten and gross.
I’m waiting for Halloween!!! A. Rapolas L. 7B

Pay the Ghost is a 2015 American supernatural horror film directed by Uli Edel and written by Dan Kay. The film was released on September 25, 2015. Running time 94 minutes.
A professor, Mike Cole (Nicolas Cage)  searches for his son who was abducted during a Halloween parade. The movie jumps to the next year when the parents are still looking for their son and starting to hear and see their son reaching out to them from the other world. The professor is able to break into this world and bring back his son as well as the other children that were taken exactly one year ago on Halloween.
I enjoyed this movie because it was very interesting, moving  very shocking sometimes.    – There is a movie trailer
enjoy your watching. Barbora Turauskaitė 8a

♣Halloween is in the top three of my favourite holidays. I’m “shaking in my boots” for Halloween ! I  love these kind of tips, good job ”Dj_Emukas”!
I like pranks and if i do a party a will definitely prank someone. I have loads of ideas for pranks.
For the costume i would choose joker, but the modern one. The one with scars, lots of face paint and a psycho mind (from the ,,Dark Knight”). I love that character, he’s very iconic, in one way he’s funny and in another way he’s creepy. So i think he would make a very good costume! Adomas Gliožeris 7B

♦Pay the ghost review 
In my opinion the film is good, but not great. There are some great scenes and there are some strange scenes.The acting is great until the collapsing portal bridge scene.
Two kids ran straight to the portal and come back to the building, but Charlie’s dad some how fall’s off the bridge and Charlie pull’s him up. I think that Charlie physically couldn’t pull his dad up.
Some scenes were confusing, Like the taxi crashing into the only car in the street. In my opinion the film could have been more interesting to watch if it would explain it’s self. Povilas Kvederas 8B

⊗My review of film “Pay the ghost”

Personally I liked this film and the acting, but the film’s plot wasn’t very original, you know where will be jump scares and you can guess what will happen next. I would recommend this film to people who like films : “A Christmas Horror Story”, “Hidden” and “Knock Knock”. I would give this film 6.5/10 because of the plot holes. Kris K

ω A review of the movie “Pay the ghost”

“Pay the ghost” is a horror movie, about a father, who is a literature teacher at a university,  trying to find his son, who is mysteriously kidnapped in a Halloween festival. The movie does manage to create a spooky atmosphere using a creepy 17th century house and a random black bird appearing once in a while. Even though the film is creepy, the plot is “interesting”. Somehow a university teacher is the first one to realize, that on Halloween children are missing and never found, in 400 years. Another unclear thing is the relationship of Mike and Lauren. They seem to have separated after Charlie went missing, but rejoined after both of them had a hallucination of Charlie. Overall the movie has its flaws, but if you have nothing else to do it is not that bad. And if you don’t like horror movies or thing that this movie is a disaster, you can still find the comical part of it. Domimykas Dautoras 8a

η Halloween is the festival celebrated on 31 of October which is one of my favorite festivals in the year. This festival is very interesting because of its unique exclusivity. People dress up like monsters, ghosts, pirates etc. Children go out in the streets and go trick or treating to their neighbors. I enjoy Halloween so much that I even celebrate it in the small village where my grandparents live. We celebrate Halloween there because it gives a perfect atmosphere for Halloween . On Halloween we look like freaks, we carve pumpkins, dress up like zombies etc. When we go out for trick or treating we go to different houses, knock on windows and things like that. We actually don’t ask for candy, instead we give people something.For example toilet paper…  and it’s really fun.There were so many reactions that one time a man was so scared that he didn’t want to talk.  It’s sad that Halloween is banned in Lithuania ,but still I enjoy it so much that I keep celebrating it each year. 😀  Simonas Jurkynas 8B

I celebrated Halloween because it is very fun and entertaining festival. Every year we  dress up as various monsters and go asking for sweets.Usually people are friendly and give us some candies or money, but there are some people who don’t give us anything and just angrily close the doors.This year I am going to be a vampire.I love Halloween because I  can meet with friends at a party and have some fun.Each year I and my friends invite as many people as possible and pick the best costume.Winner get’s one kilogram of sweets.
Simas B. 8a
♠I think that Halloween is a great event for people , why ? because it’s a good way to spend your own time with family and friends  during this festival you can see a lot of beautiful costumes and admire different pumpkins.I love this festival because you can scare people and get  a lot of candies. In my opinion it is a great feast:) Danilas
ψ I think Halloween is a very funny and at the same time a little scary feast. Though I haven’t celebrated Halloween for two years, I remember painting my face, wearing scary masks and asking people for candies with friends. For me the best thing about Halloween is hanging out with friends scaring people and having lots of great time. Another great thing about Halloween is once you get home, you have lots of candies to eat and you also get some money to buy even more candies ! So I think Halloween is all about having a great time with your friends, lot of candies and pain in the stomach after eating too much of them… Karolis

ø  Hey guys !  Films. I think everybody like watching films in autumn because there aren’t much to do when it’s raining outside. So I’m going to share with you my opinion about film called “Pay the ghost”.

 Maybe it could sound a little bit scary, but film isn’t the horror movie. It’s a fantasy,thriller and sometimes you can start shaking because there are some scary parts in it.
So the film is about, how one year after Mikes young son disappeared during a Halloween carnival, he is haunted by eerie images and terrifying messages he can’t explain. Together with his wife, he will stop the mystery and find their son-and, in doing so, he unearths a legend that refuses to remain buried in the past.
At first I thought that this film will be the usual horror movie, but when I started watching it I got interested and involved in it. It’s such a good story. And I think it is really a good idea to watch it if you are having a Halloween party, because this story is related to Halloween
And of course I recommend it to you ! Smiltė 8b

I usually celebrate Halloween with my friends It is a holiday which is not very big thing in our family, so my parents don’t celebrate it. In my opinion this is a very fun holiday  when you can be who ever you want. This years party was THE BEST of all️.  Guostė 8a

♣ Pay the ghost” where do I even begin?

First of all the main cast: Nicolas Cage as Mike (dad), Sarah Callies as Kristen (Mike’s wife),  Jack Fulton as Charlie (son) and Lyriq Bent as Jordan (police officer).
There is no synergy between the main cast at all and Nicolas Cage’s acting was just like the story of this movie- dull and unoriginal, just like all of other Nicolas Cage’s performances in his latest films. It’s like he didn’t even try to show any emotion in this film. But without that I don’t have a slightest problem with the cast of the movie. I was surprised that I even liked the acting of Lyriq Bent as the police officer because for me it was the only thing that motivated me to watch this poor excuse for a film. When I got the cast out of the way I can begin to tell you the horrible story of the movie.
 So… Nicolas Cage is an every day dad for Charlie that works as an English teacher, who decides that its a good idea to go to a Halloween carnival when its dark and spooky with his son Charlie. But in the carnival Charlie told his dad something really spooky that they needed to “Pay the ghost” and then Charlie disappeared into thin air… Really? That is the best way to start a film? We didn’t even get to know the character more before he disappears into thin air. But after this moment in the story the  movie becomes a generic horror story with nothing interesting at all, I mean AT ALL… The movie spices up a little bit when they started to throw at us tons of spooky jump scares, but wait! The jump scares were not scary at all… The movie should scare us with it’s atmosphere and tension, but not with flashing a scary picture at us for half a second to scare us. I’m not going to giveaway the ending of the movie, but don’t get your hopes up because it’s Cliche and not interesting just like the whole plot of the movie. So…. Yeah, the movie is just another piece of crap with Nicolas Cage’s name on it. I wouldn’t even wish for my enemies to see this film because it is THAT bad. So my final score for this movie is a 3/10 because of its horrible and Cliche story. The only thing that saves this movie for being a 2/10 is the acting of Liriq Bent, it’s the only good thing in this movie and I’m not kidding. Period… Matas Karūnas 8B
♥ The Halloween party of 8a
Every year, the “A” eight graders celebrate the Halloween just like most of the people. This year we did it pretty early – the 16th of October. But it was such a blast! 
There was music, snacks and we always order pizza whenever we are partying. We had a such a good time playing games which really increased our creativity: every group of people got a scary story and they had to prepare an acting performance. And all the other stuff, but mainly I enjoyed dancing like there’s no tomorrow.
And we can’t forget about the most important thing of the evening – the costumes! We had absolutely all spooky creatures – zombies, dolls, skeletons, angels, vampires and even tanks! 😀 (Shout out to my friend Dominykas!). Costumes are my favorite part because it creates the atmosphere around us and it is very interesting to see others appearance that took them a long time to make.
By the way, I was a ballerina for this year’s Halloween if you’re interested! If you still don’t know your costume, make sure to check my post of Halloween costume ideas. Comment below if your class is doing anything for Halloween…. I hope you have a spooky and a mysterious Halloween.. Jogailė 8a
I have seen the movie „Pay the ghost“ and I would like to express my opinion about it. This is only film that i have seen about Halloween. It impressed me very much. There were many scary moments and that I was shocked by all the sound effects and the film was very gripping. Jump scare was the most thrilling. Ewen though I understand it is a movie the kidnapping scenes were too realistic so I was happy it was just a movie. The tension disappeared when the father rescued his sun from the ghost’s house . I liked music that helped create terrifying atmosphere. I would like to see more action scenes in the film, as I like a lot of action actually. Also I liked the actor who played daddy, because he was very strong, smart, brave, sporty. One scene was very interesting, where it showed how boy lost his memory about what had happened in the ghost’s house. In my opinion, it happened because the boy was too scared. Horror films usually have happy end. I knew this film would also have happy end. Irvinas Gedraitis 8a

♠  I’m always waiting for this day. It’s kind of Christmas for me :D. And I begin planning my suit 2 months before this celebration. Usually I am creepy, or scary thing. I just really like to surprise people with my look. When I was younger, i always went with my cousin to all my street houses, to get candies from people. Then, when we got back home with a lots of candies, we watched scary movies or just told stories to each other. But now, when I’m not a child, we organize parties with my class. Everybody dress who they want to be, and then, we are playing games, telling something, laughing, just having a good time, and at those moments I remember why I love my class so much. Sad, but for me this year is last in this school. And I am going to miss my classmates soo much… :/ Augustė Kriaučeliūnaitė 8a

 PAY THE GHOST This movie is about a father, (played by Nicolas Cage), that loses his son and by searching for him, he finds a pattern, of three children disappearing every Halloween, that are never found again, what leads him to the discovery of a ghost that is kidnapping them…
I did like the movies atmosphere, and its grim tone, but the plot wasn’t very clear, especially all of the northern mythology, and the movie relied on quite a few cheap tricks, like jump scares, witch were way to easy to predict.
Generally I liked the movie, and recommend to watch it, if you want to watch something for Halloween, but don‘t like movies that are to scary. Aleksandras Melnik 8a

You ask me, why I like Halloween? Probably it is not really important holiday in Lithuania, but still some people celebrate it. It is a very nice event, because all people who celebrate it wear interesting costumes, masks and paint their faces. Kids ask for candies and goes to  houses and flats. And for example in America, where Halloween is very important holiday and most of the people enjoy it, they have festivals, interesting events, they all together go to streets and etc. So Halloween is really interesting and fascinating holiday. Simas Montvila 8b

◊Why I love Halloween
I love Halloween because:
1) You can be whatever you want, super hero, a robber, etc. I think it is always fun to imagine that you are a superstar or the scariest which in the world.
2) It is a day when you can wear crazy makeup and don’t feel embarrassed. I just love doing scary makeup that I wouldn’t be able to wear every day or even sometimes.
3) You can be awake all night with your friends. That’s cool because who doesn’t love to watch scary movies all night.
4) We can’t forget about the candy, it is just the best tradition ever, I mean like that is the best part of the Halloween, you just don’t need to think about how much candy you just ate because you won’t stop.
That’s why I love and always celebrate Halloween, why do you like Halloween?:) Emilija Linkevičiūtė 8b

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