Advice on Halloween’s dress up from Dj_Emukas

It’s Halloween

Your friend is throwing an awesome Halloween party, but you have no idea what to wear? Maybe your just too lazy and don’t want to think? Or maybe you just don’t want to be dressed as someone or something, because you think it’s lame. Well, then these are the basics:

1. Dress in black or any other Halloweenish color. It will create your default look.Glow sticks
2. Wear a cloak. Or anything with a hood. Let it cover your face and you will look more mysterious.a cloak
3. Glow sticks are a good accessory! You can take one or two colors and use only them. Actually, just play with the colors. Everything can work!
4. If you have a friend, who also forgot/is lazy, then this is a great opportunity! You can both dress the same. You can dress in the same or opposite colors. You can dress as opposite personalities. Again, anything can work.
5. Dress in your school uniform. But not just your school uniform. Make yourself look messy. You can pretend to be little Joker.BatGirl-and-Little-Joker
6. Act. You don’t always need a good costume. Sometimes you just need to get into character.

And maybe you are the one hosting the party? You need some decorations, but your on a budget? Maybe, you just don’t want to clean up much afterwords? Here are some easy decorations:

7. Make a cobweb. It’s easy, the only thing you’ll need is some old yarn. Why old? Because it’s more likely to be dusty and torn. So, make a snowflake out of 4 strings. Lay that on the ground. Then tie a maximum of 4 other strings in a circle between them all. It’s important for all of it to be loose. So when you attach it to a corner it’ll look more realistic.cobweb
8. Use lots of candles. You can put them in mason jars and maybe attach little cobwebs to them. Use red candles, so when the wax drips down it’ll look like bloodmason jars
9. Make a traditional jack-o-lantern. It may take a while, but if you make it the main object, it will look nice.

And lastly:

10. Always, and I mean always…No, I’m not gonna say “Be safe, bla bla bla…” or “Have fun bla bla bla…”. No, I’m telling you to do a prank. Just do it. Halloween isn’t Halloween without a prank. Prank someone or prank EVERYONE. Even if it’s the last thing you do.