A Healthy Lifestyle and Day for Tolerance. By Jogailė Čojūtė

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A healthy lifestyle

If there were two choices in life, the unhealthy and healthy lifestyle, what would you choose? I’d suggest the healthier…589

Your health is one of the most important things for you, your friends and even for the society. Healthy living leads you to happiness, long life, better relaxation and bigger concentration.

To be healthy, you must have motivation, which is always around you.. If you feel and look better, it also affects your mind to get smarter. You mustn’t eat bad/junk food, and this rule we brake the most often. Try to think, that unhealthy food is fattening and it’s just bad! Even bad for the environment. And bad is bad.
Make sure to get plenty of exercise. Sounds crazy, but after, it will give you more energy. And with allll this combination, you will be healthy, fit and happy. I promise
Day for Tolerance
The official international day for tolerance is November the 16th. On this day, our school made posters with bunch of beautiful stories and slogans, which taught us a lot about tolerance day and the act of tolerance. But what is tolerance?
Tolerance – the measure of intelligence in a person. It shows, how much you respect others for their unique opinion and thinking. 11Without this element in our lives, I don’t know where the world would roll down! It teaches us to be more polite, intelligent and better at collaborating. And I am very happy, that November the 16th, international day of tolerance – exists.
“Tolerance – the ability to believe, without making others to”.

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