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  1. Wow..I didn’t expect such a detailed comment from you, it’s been a great help, thanks, man! waiting for more of your comics thumbs up

  2. Hi, Antanas, I’m glad you’re asking, because it was very hard for me to start to.

    For me, the most helpful tool was my graphic tablet (‘Wacom intuos 5’), if you don’t know, it’s a sort of a drawing board, witch you plug in to your computer and it sends the things you’re drawing on it, directly to the PC screen. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can still draw by hand (actually I prefer the natural feel with pen and paper), it’s just, that if you want to post it on a website, you have to scan it and retouch in programs like Adobe Photoshop, and it takes a lot of time.

    I mostly use two programs: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

    I usually start by coming up with an idea, then I sketch it, don’t worry if you don’t get what you want from the first time, trying over and over is a good practice and I always get what I want eventually. If you’re drawing on paper, firs use the pencil I usually start with a 3H, then if you finished sketching you can start redrawing, or if you sketch directly, drawing with a bolder pencil, and after that a pen or a brush.The second thing, is to think how exactly it will look like, it’s important, because sometimes, in the end you just don’t know what you’re looking at at all.

    Everything else is just work and most importantly your creativity

    Hope I helped you at least a bit

    Aleksandras Melnik

    • Oh, cool! I have the Wacom tablet at home and I use the same two programs, but I’ve never considered drawing comics in that way! I’ve always done it by hand (not that I draw comics, I just used to do it when I was younger). Don’t worry, I’m not the person that copies others ideas, but I’m ashamed that I’ve been so blind! *Facepalm* COMICS!!!