Alternative energy sources by Dominykas Dautoras

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Electricity is very important in the modern world. Most of the devices we use today use electricity in one way or another. The hard part is to generate it. Mankind has invented a lot of ways to generate electricity. using-alternative-energy-sourcesThe most popular way to generate power is to burn fossil fuel. About 81% of the electricity made in the U.S. is made by burning fossil fuel. The problem with fossil fuel is that it is harmful, and is one of the main reasons for causing global warming. When a fossil fuel is burnt carbon dioxide is produced. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, so it directly influences the amount of the sun’s heat that stays in the atmosphere. The only reason that fossil fuels are used by so many countries is because they are extremely cheap to buy and run. In my opinion, fossil fuel isn’t the best solution for this problem. Not only are they dangerous, but also they are not infinite. If we continue using as much fossil fuel as we use today for the next few hundred years, we will simply run out of things to burn. And the shortage of power would lead to a lot of disasters. The best way to overcome this, would be to use other energy sources. There are many alternative energy sources. Hydroelectricity, solar power, wind power are just a few of them. They all use the nature, so if no significant damage t is done to it they could be infinite. Also they cause  no damage to the environment so the place that you live in can be used as an alternative energy source. renewable-energy-imageIf you live in a desert, use solar power. If you live in a tectonically active environment, use geothermal energy. If you don’t think that any of these are useful in your environment, then nuclear power could be a good solution. Even though it is a bit dangerous and produces some radioactive waste it is definitely better than burning fossil fuels.

In conclusion, we should start switching from our harmful and highly inefficient fossil fuel electricity to a much cleaner and more reliable electricity.

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