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Animal Protection or a Profit Hungry Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? by Armantas Stankevičius

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Most of you are probably familiar with the organization called PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ) Animal-Rightsthat claims to be helping animals worldwide, but does PETA really help animals or is just a big fake?
For starters, according to the data provided by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer  Services (VDACS) PETA has killed 1,792 cats and dogs during 2013, an average of 5 per day. The 1,792 figure represents 82 percent of all animals PETA took into its shelter that year. In2014, coming from VDACS, VoicelessQuotethe same animal protection group killed 2,454 of its 3,369 cats, dogs and other animals, the vast majority of which were”owner surrenders,” meaning that they’d been relinquished to the group voluntarily. Just 23 dogs and 16 cats were adopted during 2014. As scary as this looks these are only two years, the number of animals killed by PETA since 1998 exceeds 31,000.

Furthermore, longtime PETA critic Nathan Winograd, a well known shelter reform advocate, posted some interesting numbers in his Facebook page.

“ How much money did PETA take in last year from unsuspecting donors who helped
pay for this mass carnage? $51,933,001: $50,449,023 in contributions, $627,336 in
merchandise sales, and $856,642 in interest and dividends. They finished the year with
$4,551,786 more in the bank than they started, after expenses. They did not see fit to use some of that to comprehensively promote animals for adoption or to provide veterinary care for the animals who needed it. ”
To sum up, I just want to say that it is sad that such atrocities are allowed in this modern age and that even with all the evidence in broad daylight nothing is still being done about it.

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