Benefits of Gaming by Armantas Stankevičius

poster-of-need-for-speedVideo games are often portrayed as antisocial, violent, and as an addictive waste of time that encourages obesity, but what if that is not true and there are ways to prove this belief wrong?uncharted-3 For example, according to a test conducted by scientists from the University of Rochester, people who play action games make accurate decisions 25% faster, which is a great trait to have as a surgeon or a soldier. Furthermore, according to a study published in the journal “Nature”, driving games improved memory, focus and multitasking abilities in older adults. Also, A recent Oxford University psychological study of 5,000 kids found that the ones who played video games for moderate amounts of time — dead spaceless than an hour a day — were more “well adjusted” and got along with peers better than kids who played no games. Last but not least, The negative effects of screens at night aside, video games give people more control over their dreams and decrease nightmares, according to a psychological research out of Grant MacEwan University in Canada. All in all, if video games are not played excessively they have many benefits and are an awesome way to improve one’s self.

Armantas Stankevičius