What is Cancer? By Vakarė Kuklytė

Probably everyone knows cancer. And no, not the one from the anime called Fairy Tail. Yes, I’m talking about the one, that makes many people die every year. Cancer, also known as a malignant tumor or malignant neoplasm, is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body.

Cancer has existed all the time, it’s just that nobody knew that. Now, why is it called cancer? It’s because in medieval ages, a doctor saw the cancer, and it looked like crab’s legs to him. You will get cancer mostly by smoking, but you can get it in other ways.

Just be healthy, okay?


Basic Cancer symptoms:T
• Unexplained weight loss
• Fever
• Fatigue
• Pain
• Skin change

Colon cancer symptoms:
• Change in bowel habits or bladder function

Skin cancer symptoms:
EY• Sores that do not heal
Lung cancer:
• Coughing up blood

Will cancer be cured?
Actually, no one knows when it will be cured, because whenever scientists say, that they made a cure for cancer, and this time it will work because they cured a mouse that had skin cancer, it is most likely to never be heard of again. But there’s a new method to cure cancer, which no one knows if will cure a human and will be successful. It is called nanocure (at least they call it like that for now). So, let’s say how much a one nanometer is. If you put one million nanometers together, it will make a one millimeter. This method is actually confirmed to work in a few countries, because it cured breast cancer, also confirmed in the Philippines that it cured bone cancer, and now it is being tested with other people to cure lung cancer.efg
How does it work?
There are four stages on how does this cure work:
1. Antibodies “unlock” the cell that contains cancer. Doctors inject golden nanoparticles inside your body. On top of those nanothings there are antibodies, that attach into some places of the cell, called “key holes” (I know, that’s a strange name).Later, the cancer cell grab the antibodies and let them inside.
2. Lasers detonate the cell. From the outside, lasers are targeted to the cell. The rays make the golden electrons oscillate in sync, so the metal starts warming up. After a really short wait, the heat makes the gold melt, making the created bubble of gas explode.
3. The cure gets inside through the holes. Outside the cancer cell there are oil capsules, that have cure from cancer inside of them. The power of the gas bubble exploding make the capsules have holes in it, so the cure gets inside through the holes of the cell.
4. X – rays forbid the tumor cells to multiply. The scientists use a really small dose of them, because the nanoparticles make ray stronger. Because of the x – rays, the DNA spiral intertwines and doesn’t let the cancer to multiply and damage the other cells