Our Cutest and Awesome Winners!

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 😉 Congratulations 😉 

The voters have spoken and now we are proud to present the winners of the Pet Contest and of course their Owners: 

Rewards are waiting for you next week! 😀 

The Most Awesome Dogs are Kukis and Aipas

Owner UgnėKukis & Aipas

The Cutest Cat is Goofy

Owner Gustas

Goofy owner Gustas

The Cutest and the most Awesome Rodent is Pumpkin

Owner Veronika

Pumpkin owner Veronika

2nd and 3rd places

Cats: Kacas and Mikada

Owners Audrė and Eglė

Dogs: Lakis and Gurta

Owners Justina and Antanas

2nd place Rodents: Hamster Boss

Owner Emilis

Hamster-Boss owner Emilis

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