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Project Family Tree 5th graders

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What is a Family tree?

Most people have heard of Family trees. What is that? Family tree is a genealogical tool which record information from searches into family history. It show which people belong to the family by adding them is a different branches. Some choose to create a family tree with these branches by putting the ancestors as the ‘roots’ and the descendants as various branches. This is not an ideal way of creating the tree unless you already have the details of the ancestor you wish to begin with. Most people beginning from scratch are better off beginning with their immediate family. The first person to be placed on this family tree should be the youngest member of the family. The tree is easier to create from this starting point.

5th graders made their family trees:

Junda 5D

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  1. Girius July 24, 2016

    I think the best family tree is number 10.

  2. Matas October 16, 2015

    my tree is best :p

  3. IEVA October 2, 2015


  4. Justinas September 30, 2015

    Junda your family is supercool:D

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