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Tolerance by Aleksandras Melnik

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Contrary to a common misconception, tolerance is not forgiveness  and being tolerant doesn’t mean accepting that all people are alike. Simply: being tolerant means to be able to see things from another persons’ perspective.

We should not judge people by their race, religion, gender etc. but more importantly we should not forget to look into the circumstances and motives that those people had. Very often we rush to judge peoples’ actions immediately,  without understanding what causes lead to them doing it.
There is one thing that can not be tolerated – people doing things that they themselves believe  are wrong. If someone knows that something is wrong and still does that, it’s truly immoral and wrong,  this should not be  tolerated under any means.Tolerant-New-Years
But if the person does something for a reason and thinks that it was the right thing to do we should never get angry with him, but instead, try to stay calm and understand  or perhaps even explain our position.
As I mentioned, tolerance doesn’t mean that ‘we’re all the same’, because everyone is different, but through seeing those differences we can understand others and ourselves better. We are also not equal, equal in our rights, yes we should be, but not in our opportunities. It is due to the very little details from the moment that we’re born, which give us some  advantages and opportunities that others don’t have, so we should never think about other people based only on our own experience.tolerance5
Even though, (perhaps) we will never achieve this ultimate goal of equality, we still can and that’s why we should understand that our personality wouldn’t change much, if we were born in other people’s bodies, raised in a different family or lived in some other places.
2To conclude, not all tolerance is right, but before judging we should think if we have all the information and simply try to put ourselves in the place of others. It is the only way that we can build a healthy society and be happy in our personal lives.

And what is tolerance to you? 

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  1. Jovita December 3, 2015

    are there people that are hard to tolerate even for you Aleksandrai? (devil)

  2. Geek November 28, 2015

    I agree with kolba????????????we can tolerate people who hate everything around them as far as they don’t try to poison us with their hatred…

  3. Kolba November 28, 2015

    I think each tolerance has its limit????

    • kolba December 12, 2015

      Excuse me, but you stole my nickname. Please, don’t do this again. Its very confusing.

      • kolba 2 December 12, 2015

        I didn’t steal anything 🙂 what’s your is also mine :)) don’t forget !!! :)) I am kolba 2 :)))

  4. Tadas November 28, 2015

    I tolerate intolerance!

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