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Toni Morrison The Bluest Eye. Book review by Kamilė Mačenskytė

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This is a story of a young African American girl Pecola Breedlove who grew up at the end of the Great Depression, in a world of hatred, abuse and cruelty.BluestEye

A once beautiful girl now cloaked by the views of the world with the idea of being ugly and her everyday struggle to find inner peace and acceptance, whilst fighting against the physical and mental abuse that comes for the things she has no control over, like the colour of her skin, or the colour of her eyes. The story of a girl who lives with a crippling family who seem not to feel any affection one to another. An alcoholic father, a distant mother, and a teenager brother who constantly keeps running away, because he can‘t stand the life with parents who beat each other. All of this Pecola blames on her ugliness which is not fully comprehensible and obviously visible, but more emotional and felt from aside. One wouldn‘t say that she looks ugly, but more of that she feels ugly. She believes that if she were different, prettier, the whole world would transform. When Pecola finds two friends, Claudia and Freda, her life, so hard and pitiful, finally receives something nice. toniHowever this feeling doesn‘t keep her from giving the constant questions to God, to herself, to faith or anything that is listening „Why?“ „Why was I made this way?“ „Why couldn‘t I be pretty?“ „Why couldn‘t I have blue eyes?“. This is a story of a girl, who was abused and hurt by the society and basic standards of being pretty and being nice, constant disapproval from the society and the White people, who she held so wonderful in her mind, a story of a girl, who drove herself insane with the idea of not being good enough, not being nice enough, not being as the girl that everyone would love, as the white girl. The story of Pecola, an African American girl, who even in the deepest maddest days, was only focused on one and only thought, the thought of pretty, blue eyes.

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  1. _& October 18, 2017

    Have you read the picture of Dorian gray? Or the happy prince🎃🏖️

  2. Anastasija December 28, 2015

    thanks for the review very useful I believe my goal will be to read the book but I have some doubts that it may be difficult.. maybe you could recommend something “happier”?:))))

  3. V. K. November 29, 2015 — Post Author

    Let's do this:)


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