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Why basketball is the best sport? by Edvinas Matonis

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In Lithuania basketball is like a second religion. Everybody from young to old plays it or played it. So I want to talk why basketball is the best sport.

It keeps you fit

5Basketball is great for toning your legs, and arms, shoulders and back muscles also get a workout thanks to the dribbling and passing the ball to the other teammate. Basketball also helps develop good hand-eye coordination.

The fitter you are, the better you’ll play, so doing some form of cross-training helps to elevate your game to the next level and aids in avoiding injury. Swimming, jogging and strength training helps to maintain the best shape for a game of basketball.3

It teaches how to maintain your focus
The game involves a lot of focus. You need to think of the move you’re making, what you’re going to do next, what the other players on your team are up to, and consider where the opponents are and what they’re doing. 4

You can practise individually
The beauty of basketball is that it’s possible to spend a lot of time on your own improving your skills. So long as you’ve got a ball, you can practise ball handling/dribbling and shooting.

It’s social
Team sports are the best way to boost your sociability.In a sport like this, playing as part of a team helps develop a range of social skills and it helps you make a lot of new friends. Because all the players in a basketball team are even, anyone can score winning buzzer beater.


Edvinas Matonis

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  1. Matas January 26, 2016

    I definitely agree with you on this one, I think basketball doesn’t just makes you fit, it builds up character and hones your senses. Basketball is definitely a social sport, since your not alone on the court, you need to know your team well and cooperate with them to score points. Since our schools basketball team is having a basketball match with Zemynos Gimnazija I recommend watching it tomorrow. It’s happening at 2 o’ clock after school.

  2. Danielius 8A January 21, 2016

    I agree with everything you said here. Basketball is my favorite sport, and it has definitely helped me maintain my focus at times. I play with my classmates/friends during class break and we have so much fun. If you want to start playing a team sport to get in shape and have a lot of fun, i would definitely recommend basketball.

  3. urte December 2, 2015

    I adore basketball

  4. ???? November 19, 2015


  5. Jonas November 18, 2015

    looove basketball, the best game ever!

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