You should be a classical music lover! by Evelina Bankauskaitė

Nowadays an appreciation and love for classical music is almost lost. Not many people in our generation like such type of music. They prefer other genres. Young people often see it as a very old-fashioned, boring thing. Sometimes they even hate it. There is no doubt that such kind of attitude is extremely wrong and I can prove that. So find some classical tune to listen right now and keep on reading!

Various scientific studies show that listening to classical music has some pretty interesting effects on our mind and body. First of all, listening to classical music can improve our mood and lower stress. It has the same physiological effect of a massage.

Classical music causes positive chemical reactions in our brain that help with symptoms of stress and depression. Also, it helps to ease emotional pain, lowers blood pressure.
Another advantage of classical music – it can improve our sleep quality. According to scientists instrumental sounds, such as harp, piano and orchestra, help us to relax, fall asleep. In fact, it is very appropriate for meditation.
It is said that classical music can boost brainpower. Many researchers have discovered that students pass their tests way better when listening to such kind of music. It is known as the “Mozart Effect.” Those who listen to music take less time to complete tests, get more answers right overall, and gradually improve their IQ.

Who would not want that? 😉

In conclusion, these points show that classical music is very good for us. We underestimate it for no reason. Next time when you have to study put on the piece of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” particularly “Spring”, a piece of Mozart‘s or Debussy‘s. And if you are not able to feel the benefits of that – at least you will look smart and fancy!