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Facebook by Živilė Pstygaitė

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FACEBOOK is the most used social networking website in the world. It has many benefits but there are many disadvantages of Facebook too. Check it out!

 Waste of your time!
One of the biggest Facebook disadvantages is that it is addictive or can become addictive easily. Once you get connected with your Facebook friends you will realize how frequently you open Facebook and also spend so much time in commenting, viewing pictures of others , playing games or doing other stuff. Many people know drawbacks of using Facebook but can’t stop using it. Many people use Facebook day and night without thinking how much time they have wasted on it, and that they could have done more important work during that time

You can’t keep things personal!
You obviously do not want your personal information exposed to every friend of yours or even to public. On Facebook your personal life updates come to the notice of all your friends and others, and so your privacy is compromised. By the way, any text you put into the status update box is sent to Facebook’s servers, even if you don’t click the post button!

 Account Intrusion

It is no surprise that Facebook is vulnerable to attacks, and several hackers actively alter people’s profile information, on daily basis. There are hundreds of examples of this. Many Facebook and ex-Facebook users can tell you that they noticed change in their profile information while they were not logged in.

Also, there are some things like scams, ability to ruin your life because of Facebook… These were the disadvantages of using Facebook. So what are you thinking now, will you still use Facebook???

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  1. Aleksandras Melnik January 21, 2016

    I love your opinion on facebook, people of our generation usually love it and can’t imagine their lives without it, while our parents always say that we are spending to much time there. And this time I think the parents are actually right. It doesn’t do no good because, it is always better to spend time with your friends in real life. If it is not then they are probably not your real friends. Also people become to concentrated on them selves and get addicted to their egos. So I think facebook can be good but it is also very dangerous, the same way alcohol and smoking is.

  2. Barbora December 25, 2015

    FB brings depression..time disappears, Ive gotten rid of it, deleted my acc now I understand how addictive it was to me. what do you think??

    • Juste December 27, 2015

      I agree.I still have fb account, but I don’t use it often and every time I connect to website I get depressed, because of its vanity and lack of true values! So I decided not to waste my time on fb but to get a life instead????

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