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Make your home smell like Christmas By Ineta Januševskaja ir Viltė Baronaitė LEU

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Christmas‘ trees in every store, sparkling decorations, the excitement, presents, ribbons… YES! It is obvious that Christmas is just around the corner!! We tend to stress a lot during this exciting period of time. “Do not know what to buy for sister or brother“ , “do not know how to surprise parents or neighbors“. Honestly, every one of us has felt this way more or less. Just to help you out we would like to give you some ideas about Christmas decorations and gifts so you would not let the stress to take over your Christmas spirit. 😯

Elegant Christmas tree. Would you like to have an elegant designer Christmas tree this year but do not know how to get aprofessional look? There are many tips and tricks interior designers use to get a magazine quality decorated Christmas tree.

Christmas table decoration ideas. Since it is the most wonderful time of the year, don’t you want your home to reflect some holiday cheer? Winter is creeping up on us and before we know it, the holiday season is going to be in full swing. All you really have to do is follow an even red, white and green color distribution to establish a holiday feel.

Room decorations. Christmas is traditionally a family holiday and many people prefer to decorate their rooms. It does not matter if it teenagers room, living room or just parents room. Simple decorations can change a whole room and make it even more festive!

Outdoor decorations. When you are finished with the inside decorations you are OFFICIALLY…. Wait a second.. What about the outside? You can not forget to decorate it! Outdoor Christmas decorations will help you create a memorable open- air experience and greet your guests in festive style.

DIY (do it yourself) gifts. Well, now you are officially ready for Christmas!! The only thing that is left for you is… PRESENTS. We are all used to spending lots of money to make our relatives and friends happy. But is it really all just about the money? Christmas is about appreciation, love, understanding and giving,BUT it does not have to be materialistic. Presents can be easily made of simple things you already have at home. Take a look at these examples.

So, now you can say that you are a true Christmas expert. You have learnt about the inside and outside decorations of the house, moreover, inexpensive presents that can be done without any stress and in no time. Enjoy your festive holiday and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. kolba December 18, 2015

    Its an interesting article and easily understandable


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