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The Book vs. The Film by Gytė Batūraitė

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Which is better – the book or the film – is a question that makes both book and film critics angry, because there is no definite answer for this. It is a well known fact that people are divided into two types: the ones, who believe that no film will ever be better than the original book, and the ones, who believe that watching films is more beneficial than reading a book.

However, there are a few of pros and cons for both books and films.

First of all, while reading a book you cannot communicate with people as much as you could while watching a film – you need to concentrate and be in a quiet environment, so that nothing would distract you. Reading, no matter how thick the books is, consumes a lot of time. However, even if the book is thick, that means that there will be more details revealed, the plot will be fully developed and explained. Nevertheless, reading makes you use your imagination, so you can interpret the actions of the character, to visualize how the character looks and understand the whole plot of the story better. And the most important thing – you can read them anywhere.
Nowadays the film industry is taking a big part of our lives, especially when there are so many films that we can watch on television. Films most of the time consume less than 2hours, so it seems more convenient than reading a book. Also, you can do it while doing other things, like drawing, doing homework or something else, and still you would not miss too much of a plot. Moreover, the film gives you the visual appeal, so you know how the character looks, where and on what conditions the action is happening. However, it has a few disadvantages. The heroes can be quite different than you imagined them to be in the original book. Nevertheless, you cannot get into the character itself – you are just an observer, and you do not feel the emotions of the character.

Furthermore, if you want to watch a film you need electricity or the device you are watching a film on (phone, laptop, etc.) to be charged.

To sum up, both watching films and reading books are an interesting way to spend your free time, all you have to do is to choose either one of them.

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  1. Matas December 27, 2015

    Star Wars 4 ever!!!:) reading isn’t bad though 😎

  2. Veronika December 25, 2015

    Hey, the Atonement was great, best movie ever! even though I prefer reading, some stories are better watching than reading, like lord of the rings:D:D

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