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Our school is on fire!!!!! This Wednesday, 11 am. the society of our school was shocked by extra-ordinary event. We‘re burning!!! About 900 people were evacuated. The students of 5-8 forms even missed their coats and schoolbags. Primary school students were strongly disappointed – they cried. These News reached the bigger part of my classmates, during the break in the Technology room. The social worker opened the door and screamed: Run AWAY!!! There was no reason to explain, cause thick grey smoke started to penetrate to our room . We all started to run.
Run AWAY!!! These words like a command didn‘t leave any thoughts in our minds. It looked like stop-motion horror film. The smoke chased us during the running corridor. We stopped when we got outside, but the horror didn’t disappear: we missed one classmate. No one saw her, until someone said, that she is in emergency car. During the accident, two more girls were poisoned by the smoke too.
We were standing on the other side of the road and trembling. I couldn‘t answer to myself as I shook from fear or cold. Thank god it wasn‘t -25*C outside that day. Rescue services started working: firefighters – in the building, doctors – in ambulances, police – stopped the traffic. Finally, after an hour, the fire was extinguished. Slowly, the students from neighbor buildings (where they were warming themselves, thanks to the people and office workers that provided shelter), returned to their classrooms, to take back their things. It was an hour of fear and panics for the smaller kids. The good news: tomorrow will be a day off. All of us must to calm down and make conclusions.

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P.S. This article is dedicated to my younger brother, who is ill. You missed (as always) the most interesting!!!