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Child Labor: a Thing of the Past or an Everlasting Horror? By Armantas Stankevičius

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Many think that child labor is nearly or non existent today, since it doesn’t meet the norms of human rights which we have in our modern societies. As much as they are right about the latter, child labor still continues to be a global threat even today.
According to “Business Insider” the number of countries where the level of child labor was “extreme” in 2012 was 76 out of 147 studied Furthermore, even such developed countries as US managed to get 141st spot, which is considered to be a “medium risk” and were on par with Kuwait, Georgia and Cuba. Also, according to the official website of UNICEF, in least developed countries approximately one in four children (ages 514) is involved in child labor. Moreover, according to the data provided by the official website of UN, children are engaged in agricultural labour, in mining, in manufacturing, in domestic service, types of construction, scavenging and begging on the streets.
Others are trapped in forms of slavery in armed conflicts, forced labour and debt bondage (to pay off debts incurred by parents and grandparents) as well as in commercial sexual exploitation and illicit activities, such as drug trafficking and organized begging and in many other forms of labour. Many of these are “worst forms” of child labour as they are especially harmful, morally reprehensible, and they violate the child’s freedom and human rights. Child labour tends to be concentrated in the informal sector of the economy. For some work, children receive no payment, only food and a place to sleep. Children in informal sector work receive no payment if they are injured or become ill,
and can seek no protection if they suffer violence or are maltreated by their employer.

In conclusion, I just want to say that this subject is a global threat that requires more attention than it gets and if you ever come across any form of child exploitation via labor etc. please don’t be a bystander and contact any official organisation concerning this subject.

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  1. J.V. January 31, 2016

    I believe the main lesson for us to be learnt here is – if you ever witness any form of child abuse, don’t be a bystander and pretend it doesn’t concern you personally, because it does or at least will… Sad child today – angry grown up tomorrow…

    • Leja January 31, 2016

      Your point of view is totally correct! Child abuse is bad. As is any abuse. We should do what we can to prevent it because it can happen to anybody, whereas, we live in a world where stronger individuals take advantage of the weaker just because they can.. And what if the weaker are too small to stand up to it because they are under aged? Is that normal if the ones who can prevent it and help just pass by as if nothing happens, let’s unite and be strong together:)let’s look out for each other and for the brighter future!

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