Food Facts You Won‘t Believe Are True by “Know more, live better””

Food…. Simple and important thing in our lives. Just kidding. Really??? How can food be simple??? If you think so, that‘s not true. Get ready, ’cause these facts are gonna blow your mind.
Nr. 1
Cheese- is the most shoplifted food in the WORLD….
Nr. 2

Honey- expires: never!!! ( actually, honey stays fresh for over 3000 years!!!)

Nr. 3

The stickers on fruits and vegetables… Are edible.

Nr. 4
Mcdonald‘s first menu item wasn‘t a hamburger… It was a hot dog.

Nr. 5
In IXX century, ketchup was used as a medicine to treat diarrhea…

Nr. 6
Tea bag… Was made by accident. (Tea samples were sent to customers in small bags. This was just a packaging).
Nr. 7

German chocolate cake- is not German. It was named after Sam German ( an American).

Nr. 8

The people who built the pyramids… Were paid in beer and bread.

And the last but ‘‘ interesting‘‘ fact: (9)

Thank‘s for reading, hope these facts made you daaamn smart. Anything to add for fact no.10?

by “Know more, live better”