Game review ,,Heroes of the Storm’’ by Matas D. and Gustas

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Do you like ,,Dota’’ and ,,League of Legends’’? So it’s a game for you! It is a game with charters from other games. And maps where you fight with your friends against your enemies! It is a great fun!

Now about maps. My favourite map is Dragon Shire! You must capture Sun Shrine and Moon Shrine to activate Dragon Knight Statue. And then you can become a Dragon Knight!

Now about my favourite hero. My favourite hero is Diablo. Because it can just destroy enemy forts and absorb all of the damage! Basically you are a tank!


So play ,,Heroes of the storm’’ and find your own favourite heroes and maps! There is so much in this game to you to find! Go in to page and download it

. Then you can download ,,Heroes of the storm’’ and other games ! It is lots of great fun!

4 thoughts on “Game review ,,Heroes of the Storm’’ by Matas D. and Gustas

  1. Nice work guys!
    The game is fun i tried to play it a few times but i gues i’m not a fan of it.It’s fun but not my type 🙂
    Nice job keep up you’r great writers and you know English well :3

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