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George Orwell’s “1984”. Book review by Aleksandras Melnik

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1984 is a novel written by a famous 20th century writer, George Orwell, and it is his most widely known work.

The plot revolves around a man, called Winston Smith, who lives in an alternative, dystopian version of London. The action takes place (very unsurprisingly) in the year 1984, but the world is very different from the one we know. In this scenario, the world wars never actually end, and all countries unite in to 3 super states.

The countries are led by totalitarian governments, who have, over the years, created a system of total control. Almost in every room there is a portrait of ‘Big Brother’ saying ‘BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU’, and a TV screen which also acts as a CCTV camera, watching and tracking your every move.
At every time people are bombarded with propaganda, which glorifies: The Party, The Big Brother, The Ingsoc, and Ocianias war achievements. All events of the past are changed to fit the propaganda, all books and newspapers are rewritten or destroyed.
If anyone disobeys the system they are immediately caught (since they’re always being watched), are taken to the ministry of ‘Love’ and disappear.

I really love this book and I think that everyone in the modern world should read it. Though it may be shocking, or even horrible to some, in my opinion, reading it is the only way to prevent these horrible things from happening.

Besides the story is very gripping, you’ll probably read it in a night, and I can promise that it will lead to a lot of curious discussions with your friends.

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  1. DJ E-mukas January 27, 2016

    I love this book! Cool review!

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