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The introduction of China by Gang Yue

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As it is well known to us all, China is one of four ancient and civilizational countries in the world. In fact, it has a longer history than we have ever known. Because of this, many ancient architectures and all sorts of historical books are often found in different places in China. In China, it is easier for you to find a person than you can in any countries. That is, China has the largest population on the Earth, which, however, also puts great burden on our country.

There are fifty-six peoples (nations) in our country. We get along well with each other and often disasters can draw us closer together. Besides, Chinese food is very famous for its good taste and nutrition. Many people in other countries are fond of it and try their best to cook it. Every year plenty of foreigners from different countries come to China to have a sightseeing. Here you can look around lots of places of interest.

I really hope our country will become more and more flourishing and people will live a happier and happier life. I am a Chinese man and I am proud of being born in China.


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  1. Justina January 8, 2016

    I’ ve always thought of China as one of the most mysterious civilization in the world… There are a lot of things that atract and definetely it is one of places I would like to visit in the future.

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