Tips for Traveling Abroad by Dovilė Stanislovaitytė

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Traveling abroad is a very fun and exciting experience, but if you want your trip to be without any problems, you have to prepare and plan ahead.

The first thing you can do months before your trip is to book your flight and research the place that you want to visit. The second step is to make sure that your passport is valid and if it is not you have to make it. But do not wait until the last minute, because it takes some time to make it. The third step is very important and it is medication. Before your trip you have to ask your doctor about any vaccinations you may need and take them. If you take any medications pack enough (plus some extra) to cover your entire trip. Before packing check the weather to get a good idea of what to pack. Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets lost. Talking about technology try to find places that offer free WI-Fi and turn off your phone’s data feature to make sure you won’t be charged extra while using your phone over seas. It would be a good idea to download apps that could help you while you travel, like Skype or Viber which let you talk with people around the world for free, Trip lingo will help you to learn important phrases in foreign languages, Safety Map Worldwide and Emergency help to ensure you stay safe, because with it you can monitor crime levels while traveling. Also buy converters and adapters so that you can use your electronics if it is necessary. And last but not least is money. Tell your bank that you are abroad so that your card doesn’t get cancelled and make sure that your credit card will work in the country that you are traveling to. It would be a good idea to take out some cash in the currency of the place you are traveling to, in case you need money right away when you arrive.
These are the main things that you have to do before your trip abroad so it would not get ruined.

Do you like traveling? What are the places that took your breath away?;))

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