James Bond&TV series Cobra 11 review by Ugnė 5c

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Cobra 11 –  popular German television series about a team of two men that work as highway police.

The main character is Semir. He has partner who changes often. It is because Semir’s partners usually die performing theirs duties. Currently on TV6 Semir’s partner is Ben.

Cobra 11: Ben and Semir

Their police office is looks like this:

I like these series because of good humor, interesting cases, chasing and car crashes. Do you watch Cobra 11? Do you like it? Please comment 

James bond

James Bond is British secret service agent created by writer Ian Fleming. James Bond’s name comes from American ornithologist. James Bond’s code name is 007. He has a gun called Walther PPK.Aston Martin is the favourite James Bond’s car. 

Actors played James Bond movies:

24 movies about James Bond have been made from 1962.

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