Young Artists’ Club

“Drawing and painting is just what I enjoy. There is something special though, a drug in it that steals your time and immerses you into deep narcosis filled with joy. I love it, so I let it embrace me.
That should do the work as a description. When I get back from hospital, I’ll make sure to make more drawings/paintings, not just that one.”

Drawings, paintings, sculptures and other kinds of creative pieces are all forms of art. Art is an expression of the artist : his/hers thoughts, feelings and imagination are the most important components needed to make a beautiful piece of art.

All these creatures belong to my fantasy world. They all have their own stories to tell, some of them are happy stories, some are not, but they all are unique and they know that even in the worst situations there will always be someone who can help them…

I wasn’t ever marked in my childhood as a great painter or drawer. It wasn’t actual for me and I wasn’t very into it. But as I grew older, of course my mother wanted me to understand art and art of art, since I was quite good at doing crafts. So I got into an arts school called J.Vienožinskio art school, just near our pre gymnasium. And I never thought I would enjoy the school so much!! I have found lots of new friends with who I peacefully paint and draw in a school full of nice and experienced teachers. So here are my drawings and paintings. I like composing as realistic as I can on a piece of paper, so what do you guys think? Are they realistic?

Jogailė Čojūtė 8a