Big Hero 6 review by Migle Kundrotaite

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Before Valentines day our class watched a film in English called “Big hero 6”! The main character in the film is a boy Hiro. He has a brother Tadashi who is studying in science laboratories. Both boys live with their aunt Cass.Hiro made a robot and his name was Megabot. The boy is going to robot fights and usually wins because the Megabot is made from special material created by Hiro. The robot is controlled by thoughts but you have to have a special ribbon on the head to control it.One day Hiro’s brother takes Hiro to his lab and introduces to his friends: Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon, Fred and Wasabi. Then Hiro sees the robot made by his brother for the first time. Robot’sPgEGtzW name is Beymax and he is created to care for people.After some time Hiro’s brother dies in the laboratory in a fire. Tadashi tries to help one of his professors but is not able to save him and he dies.Hiro is so upset that he forgets the Beymax. One day Hiro sees Beymax in his brother’s room. Beiymax is a smart robot and he can talk to people. Hiro teaches Beymax to fight. One time Hiro finds out that someone steals his megabots idea. And then Hiro, Beymax and Tadashi’s friends start to look for a thief. The thief appears to be a professor for whom Tadashi sacrificed his life.
The professor has a daughter who tried out a mechanism made by another professor.That mechanism could transfer a person from one place to another. But the transfer is unsuccessful giphyand professor’s daughter is lost in time. Hiro and Beymax go to her and help her to get back, but then Beymax gives his life to sent Hiro and professor’s daughter home.When all things become clear, Hiro finds a card which can restore Beymax. And it works!

You have to watch this film!

Please comment !!!! Did you like the movie???

41 thoughts on “Big Hero 6 review by Migle Kundrotaite

  1. Adele Saulenaite 5d November 20, 2016 at 11:34 AM - Reply

    This movie is great because it is funny and exciting. Beymax is very cute and slow. This movie is a little sad and touched me. I could watch it again and again.

  2. I like this movie! It is very interesting and fumy.???? I recommend to watch this movie because it is positive. Beymax is so cute.☺ I like this : hairy… baby! I want have Beymax!

  3. It’s really fun and interesting movie! I like it because Baymax is so cute and funny robot and Hiro is very smart kid 🙂 I want to watch it again, again and again… 🙂

  4. I really liked this movie, it was fun and entertaining. I really liked the movie, but especially I liked the robot Beymax. Robot Beymax seemed very nice, caring and compassionate. I think the funniest thing was when Beymax was at the police station and his hands got holed. I hope you’ll watch this movie.

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