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Get smarter?! with Vakarė Kuklytė “10 Words You Probably Get Wrong”

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Words… Without them, we couldn’t do anything… We couldn’t go shopping, eating, all of us couldn’t read a book. Almost everything contains them (except math, duh L… Or maybe… the Petras bought 50 watermelons…),but anyways, here are some of the words, that you need to truly understand the meaning of before using them properly. J

1. Ultimate
What you think it means: The one, the only. The best.
What it really means: The last item of a list.

“At the store we will need milk, eggs, cheese, and ultimately, butter!”

2. Nauseous
What you think it means: To feel ill.
What it really means: To cause feelings of illness.

The object made you ill is nauseous.

3. Enormity
What you think it means: Huge, enormous.

What it really means: Immoral or evil.
Simply, it means really evil.

4. Terrific
What you think it means: Fantastic, good.
What it really means: Horrific, to inspire fear.

For example, you see a terrific monster, which inspires you fear.

5. Effect
What you think it means: To cause something to change.

What it really means: An event that causes a change.

6. Disinterested
What you think it means: Bored.
What it really means: Neutral.

Being disinterested is stating that you don’t care about something.

7. Fortuitous
What you think it means: Lucky.

What it really means: By chance.
It can be good or bad things that happen by chance.

8. Literally
What you think it means: Figuratively.

What it really means: Actually.

So let’s imagine you say: “My head literally exploded back then”, then why are you here to tell us that? I mean, your head exploded, like, you shouldn’t even have it on you right now! 😀  🙄 

Or, another example: “I literally got your back, bro”.
So, you’re saying this: “I possess your spine, bro”.
I would suggest on remembering this one.
9. Can
What you think it means: What is permissible.
What it really means: What is possible.
10. Bemused
What you think it means: Amused.
What it really means: Confused.
If you are bemused, then you are actually confused.


You’re spelling it like this – supposeBly, but that is WRONG.
Spell it like this – supposeDly.
Now, since you’re a pro, go out and impress people with your talking skills!! 😀


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  1. Neda February 8, 2016

    Cool post it was really hum an interesting 😀

  2. Know more, live better February 7, 2016

    Thx 🙂

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