Congratulations winners: Kolba, Neda and Ugne!!! Nature (in) Winter. Do you fancy?

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Speaking of beautiful things:) Nature is wonderful this time of the year – take PICTURES – SEND US! we’re going to have a contest!

Photographer: Mikalojus Plikusas

Photographer: Mikalojus Plikusas

Photographer: Migle Kundrotaite

Photographer: Migle Kundrotaite

Photographer Kolba

Photographer Kolba

Photographer: Vejune

Photographer: Vejunė

“For me winter time isn‘t bad, it is great time because you can:
• ride with sledges • play snow wars • play other games with snow • make a snowman. But for other people winter time is bad because:
• the weather is terrible • the roads is slippery • the car will not start • You can‘t go outside without coat.
I think we shouldn‘t like or dislike seasons because we still have to get used to them, and of course we can’t change them.” Kotryna 6c

16 thoughts on “Congratulations winners: Kolba, Neda and Ugne!!! Nature (in) Winter. Do you fancy?

  1. I like forest in the winter.Forest is very beautiful when trees and path is snow covered and its very beautiful when frost covered tree branches.Its very fun winter to ski in the forest!!!

  2. I very like winter. It is a great time because i very like mold snowman and sleight rite. Winter happening in my favorite holiday. Christmas and New Year. I VERY LIKE WINTER!!!!

  3. I think that winter is cool ! Maybe it’s a little bit cold outside , but I think about good things u can go play snow war !!! Yeah, it’s cool !!! in the winter I really like films about winter . Like : Frozen , Elf and a lot of others …
    I really like winter !!!

  4. Miglė Kundrotaitė (the leaf in winter photo author) January 12, 2016 at 9:08 PM - Reply

    One morning me and my family were walking in the “Vingis” park and then I saw this beautiful leaf covered with frost. I took a photo of the leaf quickly and posted it in this newspaper.

    I think winter is a beautiful season. You can play outside in the snow and enjoy winter’s beauty.

  5. Winter time is bad and great. It is bad because the weather is terrible and it is great because you can go outside play with snow, make snowman, play snow wars. I hope this winter you do not freeze! 🙂

  6. Every time winter comes, I feel sad. It’s hard to live when the weather is so changable and unfriendly all the time… But on the other hand I must admit it is a beautiful time of year and not every country has it… Let’s enjoy views of winter !

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