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Kolba on Climate Change

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Climate change is a change of weather. Unfortunately, it is already happening, it’s not just a fear. It’s hard to deny that today climate change or in other words – global warming is a serious reason for concern. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other meteorological institutions prove that average yearly temperature has been steadily increasing during the last decades. The Earth’s average surface temperature has risen by 0.76° C since 1850. Most of the warming that has occurred over the last 50 years is very likely to have been caused by human activities. Over 95% of scientists agree that these changes are caused by the Greenhouse Effect. The statistic represents that carbon dioxide emissions increased by around nine billion metric tons over the past decade. Burning large amounts of fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas is the root cause of global warming. The burning releases heat trapping gases in the atmosphere. So all these statistics represent that our world is getting warmer.

Climate change has a lot of negative factors. First of all, the sea levels have been rising, the number of floods in different parts of the world has increased dramatically. It is bad because salt water destroys the crops. Also seawater is contaminating rivers when it mixes with fresh water and the rivers are becoming polluted. That’s why many people are undernourished. Secondly, glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere have started to melt.  Millions of people depend on fresh water supply each year by natural spring melt. And thirdly, it’s ocean acidification. This process is caused by CO2 in the water, and may have negative effects on the entire oceanic food chain. So climate change has terrible effects.It is important to recognize that we should do something that could stop global warming. One of alternative ways would be to reduce CO2 emissions. The government should restrict traffic in the city center or allow Eco-friendly cars only. Also in my opinion countries should invest into renewable energy this way burning of fossil fuels could be reduced. In my view these solutions are the best way to prevent climate change.

To my mind, everybody could promote stopping global warming. I am worried about climate change, so I could motivate my parents and friends to limit car driving and using public transport instead. Also I could become a part of various events or organizations which invite people to adopt a ‘greener’ lifestyles. So there are a lot of ways how to reduce climate change. The most important thing is the desire to save our nature!


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  1. Wojciech Chwilka a.k.a. Voytek May 6, 2016

    Websites are full of drippy sentiments over loosing a planet, misinformation on state of environment abounds but nobody says that destruction of Earth was planned. I have first-hand knowledge that it was, took active opposition to the plan as a child in the 50-tes and have had a loused-up life for this. Venus effect is ahead (same end as on planet Venus). The warming is a runaway process but we still have about 10 years to go, possibly more, before shocks become severe (depletion of oxygen, loss of crops, etc.). I have broad scientific knowledge and different than mainstream approach to a solution but if someone wants to contact me about it at vc1apollo [at], such person had better be professional and corteous.

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